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Wow, Robin, great piece. You're really finding your voice here.

Well done. I've got a discussion of this Nagourney/Wilgoren travesty myself over at Reading A1, which is the Salon blog my URL points to—I'm adopting the NY Times front page rather than a specific journalist, though Wilgoren's coming up a lot in the early days of the blog. As I suspect she will for some time to come ...Good luck with the blog!

This is hard work. Thank you. I am a Dean supporter but we should expand to these other canidates every time they violate their own rules.
Where are their editors? Do they remember Jason Blair? Wilgoren is just a few steps away if the is playing so fast and loose with the papers rules.

I think adopting the NYTimes front page is an excellent idea. Some days it reads like Pravda.

You are so right on. I'm a Dean supporter too and I cannot stand to read any major newspaper anymore because of the reliance on unnamed sources.

You should also be taking these journalists to task for culling the DFA blog looking for negative comments to include under the general category of "Former Dean supporters" without bothering to authenticate the source. This is the height of lazy journalism and any practioner who does this should be ashamed.

I'm glad you used a concrete measure (counting the number of unnamed sources).

Strategies like that add discipline to the Adopt-a-Journalist movement. Reporters are trying to tar this authentic, citizen based movement as a strictly "partisan" and "unbiased" campaign. Rather, it is a sincere effort by ordinary people to convince their press to function as intended -- as a check-and-balance on power.

My own inventory of the many shocking State abuses which are getting less attention in the press that Howard Dean's yelp is permalinked at:


Or click my URL.

(I of course meant "partisan and biased," not unbiased, above. Typin' too quickly...

If you haven't seen the Dean crowd video -- which shows the infamous Iowa speech in a totally different light -- you simply must see it. Click my name, below for the item which links to it.

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