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this feeling I can't shake that they will get away with all of this just as they did after 9/11

I've got the same feeling, but it's gonna be different, too. Nobody--certainly not teevee news--wants to confront the ugly issues of race and class this has raised. Everybody wants disasters to have a happy ending, or at least a cheery coda. But the difficulties ahead are enormous, and there's not even the beginnings of a body count. Bush will escape any personal blame for another unconscionable failure to protect Americans, and he'll probably even get a bump in his approval ratings in the short term, but that's all meaningless. In the medium term the failure of emergency preparedness with constant reference to terrorist attack hurts Republicans on the security issue, and every piece of bad news out of Iraq will be a reminder that we can't keep people safe in our own country.

I hope you're right. And while I'm hoping, wouldn't it be great if someone out there with a real plan and the charisma to get it done emerged from all this to get elected and actually led the country to something better?

Why should Rice be there? To refuse the offers in person? Photo-op is all that'd be. I mean, do you seriously think there's a snowball's chance in hell that Bush would admit his FEMA director's and his own total incompetence by being seen accepting foreign aid? On tv? Forget it. Anyway, like doghouse says, it's mostly blacks and the poor who are in the middcle of it, and he's certainly not going to embarrass himself on national television to help them.

I heard the levee broke on Monday.

He was fishing on Monday! And nobody could have predicted anything at all about this storm. Give the man a break why don't you? Gah.

David: I just saw that story at AmericaBlog. Good catch. People who care are going to have to put together a meticulous timeline of the disaster since Team BushCo is set on lying about every second of it. Thank goodness for the internet because the Dems would probably think that would be a terribly rude thing to do.

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