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Does this post about Elizabeth Edwards as an actual participant in blogging soften your view at all?

I don't want another Bill Clinton in the White House either, but not quite for the same reasons. I don't believe his flaws, the policies that completely alienated me from him, were the result of misunderstandings, or errors in judging his enemies.

Hi Nell!

The fact that women I respect (including Elizabeth Edwards) continue to support Edwards is the biggest reason I even consider supporting him in the future. That and the fact that he may the best of the available candidates. That thought just makes me sad.

If I do end up supporting him, I'll be supporting his supporters and hoping that they hold more sway with him than the people I am afraid will really pull his strings.

I was shocked when I heard the campaign had hired those two, especially Amanda. I don't particularly care for her tone, and I'm pretty forgiving.

But having worked on campaigns before, I cannot imagine having such provocative writers as paid staff. Sarcasm is fine, on a blog, but on a campaign? The last thing a campaign wants to do is be provocative.

Progressive, yes; provocative, you're dead in the water. Just ask Howard Dean who said something once about guns and Southerners.

And if the campaign didn't know what they'd written, then they're obviously clueless about the blogosphere, which makes the whole exercise rather disingenuous.

Edwards totally fell off my list. Hope he didn't bump his head!

Amanda and Melissa are great writers and, as I've said a hundred times, I respect and admire both women but hiring them in such visible roles was a bad decision by Edwards.

And as for the guns and southerners comment made by Dean - do you remember how Edwards rushed to exploit that misstep?

I can't cross Edwards off my list b/c I think he may be the best out there by 2008. I keep hoping someone else will come along and sweep us off our feet.

"I keep hoping someone else will come along and sweep us off our feet."

Obama has a broom with my name on it; he has yet to use it though.

BTW, his announcement yesterday was huge news here. The opening story at every news break, front page of the Independent.

Obama has a broom with my name on it; he has yet to use it though.

Love it. My name's not on that broom yet though.

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