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I'm not sure you've posted the right Sirota link nor the right years for the "Bush Propaganda Swarm."

It never hurts to remember that newspapers built up their incredible profit margins by being the original beneficiaries of the independent contractor scam. Newspaper carriers are now increasingly outsourced so as to protect newspapers from the inevitable day when a judge rules that carriers are in every obvious sense employees, and not indy contractors.

The OC Register just settled for $22 million with their carriers, but only after the carriers agreed not to contest their employment status as indy contractors.

CMike: You're right about the Sirota post. Not sure how that happened but it has been corrected.

As for the Swarm, which years would you prefer? I picked those because they seemed to me the nadir, the time during which the American press never but NEVER questioned Bush about anything. That's not to say such despicable behaviour didn't go on longer than that, only that afterwards there were sometimes holes where an actual journalist occasionally reported actual news rather than war propaganda and got away with it. But I'm certainly willing to open the time frame.

CMike: And oh yes, "swarm" is a much better word.

Mark: Corporations are corporations and they'll get away with whatever they can. It doesn't do to forget that, especially since they threw away any pretense of professionalism 25 years ago when they, with standard corporate cowardice, responded to the right-wing letter campaign and stopped "picking on" Reagan. If they aren't professional journalists any more - and they aren't - then they're nothing but what Roger Ailes et all have said they were all along: a business out to make money. Period.

Mick Arran asks:

As for the Swarm, which years would you prefer?

I'd go with the years 2001 to 2003. The "Bush Propaganda Storm" seemed more intense in those years than I remember it having been at any time from 1981 to 1983.

Oh, good gravy marie. You know, it never registered. Why did I conflate Bush with Reagan, I wonder? Not that there's any similarity between them of course. No, none at all.

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