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Among my friends it is fashionable to hate Wal-Mart. I worry that a good part of that dislike is shaped by the fact that Wal-Mart sells stuff that is cheap. There is only one good reason to dislike Wal-Mart, and that is the fact that it is anti-union. If its American stores were unionized and if it offered no protest to seeing it's overseas suppliers factories unionized, then anyone left of center would be able to admire it, because, after all, it makes available cheap goods that the working class has an easy time affording.

I think your idea about getting union reps into the schools is a good one, but I used to work for Local 100 of the SEIU, and to say we were stretched thin doesn't even begin to describe how really stretched we were.

I don't understand being opposed to low prices. They don't link that opposition to the plight of workers across the world? If WalMart allowed their workers to unionize and encouraged their suppliers to allow the same thing, I'd be all for WalMart expanding everywhere.

That said, I'm not crazy about WalMart's politics in the area of education. But that's a union issue again. They seem to be opposed to unions not only in their own stores but in every workplace worldwide.

Have you seen the SEIU's drive for open source unions? Would that would help provide manpower for community outreach - among other projects?

I have been trying to find the full-page add that Lee Scott CEO Walmart took out today...January 2005. While searching I found your page with an old issue. BUT being a "captive" associate with WallyWorld I have my own opinions about that company! And they are NOT pro-WallyWorld. One of the things I KNOW, and have a memo in hand regarding it, is that this year WallyWorld donated only 20 million... and the EMPLOYEES/CUSTOMERS donated 78 million... but it was all combined under Walmarts name!It really is all a smoke and mirror thing with them. And it is kept quiet because of their hiring practices. This in itself is another huge issue that effects everything they do.

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