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Future Speaker of the House -- Nancy Pelosi -- committed news in Pennsylvania this weekend while campaigning with Ginny Schrader in PA-08.

This weekend's stumping showed how Ginny Schrader has leveraged her internet phenomena into a campaign that is now targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in addition to the Daily Kos, Democracy for America, MyDD and SSP.

Morning Call reports:
Since he lost his job this year, the entire $1,000 a month William England receives in unemployment benefits goes to pay for health insurance for his family.

Lisa Capazolli finds herself unable to afford health insurance at all. Capazolli, 25, of Chalfont, works as a self-employed speech therapist.

''Currently, I don't have any insurance,'' Capazolli said. ''I'm fresh out of school.''

Capazolli and England told their stories Saturday to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who visited Bucks County for a town meeting on health care and to campaign for Democrat Virginia Schrader in the 8th District congressional contest. About 75 people attended the event in Bristol.

England, 42, of Northampton Township, said he was laid off from his job as a program planner for the United Way of Bucks County. England's former employer made health insurance available to him for a fee under the U.S. Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, known as COBRA.

After listening to England, Pelosi said, ''The good news is you have COBRA. The bad news is you have to pay for it.''

Pelosi, a California Democrat, was elected minority leader of the House in 2002. She is the first woman to head a party caucus in Congress. If Democrats win control of the House this fall, she would likely be the first woman to hold the post of speaker.

''The most important thing we can do is make it possible for Congresswoman Pelosi to become the first woman speaker of the House,'' Schrader told the crowd.

If Schrader defeats Republican Michael G. Fitzpatrick, she would be the first Democrat to represent the 8th District since Peter H. Kostmayer lost the seat to Republican James C. Greenwood in 1992. Greenwood is not seeking re-election this year. The 8th District includes Bucks County and small parts of Montgomery County and Philadelphia.

The Intelligencer:
The Democratic leader of the U.S. House of Representatives campaigned through the area for local congressional candidates Saturday, saying they were better prepared to deal with issues of importance to American families than their Republican counterparts.

"It's about jobs, it's about health care, it's about education," said Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the first woman to lead a major party in Congress. "That's what families around the dinner table care about."

Pelosi campaigned with 8th Congressional District candidate Ginny Schrader at a Bristol diner and later with state Sen. Allyson Schwartz, running to represent the 13th Congressional District, at a Northeast Philadelphia school before headlining a fund-raiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Much of the visit was spent focused on health care and the economy - two areas in which she said Republicans had little to brag about.

"Health care is a right, it's not a privilege for the few," she told a group of Schrader supporters - and more than a few unwitting breakfast-seekers - at the Golden Eagle Diner in Bristol. "It's not just a personal health issue ... it's an economic issue for families."

Pelosi criticized the Medicare prescription drug bill Republicans passed last year as a giveaway to special interests, and stressed that nearly 5 million people have lost health insurance since Republicans took control of both the White House and Congress.

Ginny is also focusing on jobs, health care, and education.

Kos says:

Ginny needs the money to get the message out. The DCCC is targeting this race, and she has, on her own, already raised over $200,000...

So help Ginny out. We gave Ginny her first big boost, helped turn her into a "legitimate" candidate. Now let's help her close strong.

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