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The 2nd one gave them wings. They think he's indestructible now. (Glad you're back.)

Yeah. That was stupid. It's one of the few numbskull remarks he's made that was widely reported in the mainstream press. Most people have actually heard it.

I can't believe they sent him out there.

He's speaking directly to Kerry--RULE VIOLATION!

'I sure HOPE it's not the Admin'? Quick, somebody, explain it to him.

Karl's new mantra: 'I came to Washington to solve problems.' 4 times so far.

The flub about newspapers wasn't a flub--another code.

The Lewin Group is a medical consulting firm in Falls Church VA (Jerry Falwell country). There's nothing on their website about Kerry or his plan.

Don't you think BushCo is looking "good" though?
Schieffer is useless.

I missed that mantra - you're good at hearing those. That one worked well for him in 2000 though so they're hauling it out again.

I'm still on the rsdio. He sounds better.

What flub about newspapers??

Is Karl under the impression that Junior is credible on education?

He does throw the bull about NLCB well though - it's his best-rehearsed issue after all.

Are we actually going to have four whole debates without a single energy question?

Yeah, we definitely need 'back-gowned tests'.

LOL! That last set of comments was funny.

Watch out for the "armies of compassion"!

Yes - they are the ones that enforce the new rule that we should all be involved with programs that provide alternatives to abortion. We could teach real sex ed, I suppose, which would eliminate the need for it.

Great job at live metablogging. You're way more fun than the real debate.

"Kerry - another homerun as he points out the re-importation issue and the ban on bargaining for lower prices in the Medicare bill."

Fact check says this is cock and bull--at least the lower prices in the Medicare bill. While Bush's prescription drug bill does ban bargaining for lower prices, everyone seems to ignore that seniors will be better off when the new law takes effect in 2006:

"Indeed, most seniors stand to gain a good deal financially from the measure. According to the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation, the average drug bill for seniors is expected to be $3,160 in the year 2006, when the new drug benefit will go into effect. The new benefit will pay more than half of that, and even after deducting an estimated $35 per month in premiums to purchase the coverage, seniors with that average drug bill will be $1,080 ahead.

"For those with very large drug bills the new benefit provides catastrophic coverage that pays 95% of all drug costs above $5,100. To see exactly how much the measure would be worth to a beneficiary with any given drug bill, the Kaiser Family Foundation has provided a nifty calculator here .

"For low-income seniors the new measure is even more generous. Lower premiums, deductibles and co-pays apply for those with few assets and income below 150% of the official poverty level (or currently $18,180 for a married couple). For those with few assets and income below 135% of poverty (or currently $16,362 for a married couple) there will be no premiums or deductibles, and co-payments will be $2 for each generic prescription and $5 for brand-name drugs."

It goes on to say:

"To be sure, the bill has been criticized by many as not being generous enough, and on other counts. For those with roughly $800 or less in drug costs the benefit won’t equal the costs of premiums, deductibles and co-payments, though seniors will still have the comfort of being protected should their drug costs unexpectedly rise. And an unknown number of low-income persons who now get prescription drug benefits through the state-federal Medicaid program may end up paying more when they are shifted to the new Medicare benefit."

So, I wouldn't call that comment a homerun. Just more political canoodling.

Medical drugs *should* be cheaper though--especially pot.

Well, he said that the bill bans the US from bargaining for lower prices and it does. That's a disgrace and Kerry's calling it one is a homerun. I can't find the stuff you quote on factcheck.org.

"Q - to BushCo - Is homosexuality a choice? Stupidest question yet and that includes Ifill's brainteaser from the VP debate."

Agreed--I balked when I heard this one. To be fair, though, you might mention that Kerry dropped a low blow by basing his response on Cheney's daughter (surprised he didn't mention how butch she is).

Sorry, thought I posted it. Here it is. Still, while the pharmacy bill is wrong (AFIAK), it's a somewhat moot issue in terms of medicare, as bush does a plan to take care of the expense. I still think it screws the rest of us young'ns, as I think we all would like a cheaper pharmacy bill, god damn it.

I cringed when I heard it, but the fact is that we are only going to get equal rights for gays when people understand completely that there are gay people everywhere and they aren't a threat to any of our values or pocketbooks. Kerry bringing up Cheney is fair game (like his Vietnam record is supposed to be fair game) since she's out already and high profile on the GOP side. They've made the Hate Amendment an issue, not the Dems. For anyone to be outraged about it - especially Lynne and Dick - rings hollow because I didn't hear this hue and cry when the guy running against Obama called her a sinner. Where was mommy Lynne then telling us who's a 'bad man"? If anything, it's unseemly for the Cheney's to use their daughter, yet again, to make political book. She's here. She's queer. They gotta get used to it.

What's the name of that guy running against Obama - Alan ??? I can't get it. Not Colmes, not Greenspan, not King ...Keyes! That one.

Yahoo covers the lesbian comment. Had to follow-up because of the remarkable timing of the article (some 45 minutes after my comment!)

It's not the fact that she's out, or even that it outraged the Dick. It's that it was a cheap shot that had little to do with the question (stupid as it may have been), and it just seemed like it was thrown in there to confuse the right-right-right-wing republicans that view homosexuality as evil come election day.

Let me make one thing clear, though: people are never going to realize that gays don't attack their values mostly because they DO attack certain people's values (pocketbook, I can't say, but I doubt it). Many people view homosexuality as a flat-out sin, and many MORE people value the institution of marriage as a sacred bond between a man and a woman.

The problem, IMO, is that we let marriage become a state issue to begin with. While it isn't entirely religious, it's still nothing more than a belief until the government steps in and makes it a legally binding contract with tax benefits.

While I both expect and welcome the prospect of gay marriages, my (not huge) concern is the possible abuse for immigration and/or tax benefits. Somehow I would think that there would be more of this if the contract wasn't required to be cross-gendered.

The problem, IMO, is that we let marriage become a state issue to begin with. While it isn't entirely religious, it's still nothing more than a belief until the government steps in and makes it a legally binding contract with tax benefits.

Agreed. Abolish "marriage" and make everyone sign a contract of civil union for the state to recognize for legal purposes. They can get married in any church they want to after that. It's the way the system works now anyway.

The problem has a lot to do with financial benefits that are going to be accorded to married same-sex couples if their marriages are recognized and the groups that don't want to pay them. The people who claim homosexual marriage offends their delicate value system are just willing pawns.

And as to that, homosexuality offends people's values in exactly the same way that miscegination offends people's values. Which is to say it isn't a value issue at all but one of taste, cultural indoctrination and, thanks to hate/fear mongers, politics.

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