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Tribal Economic Development needs to be full addressed. In every piece of Congressional Legislation there in not one word on poverty reduction for Native Americans. And each Census Report we see the unemployment numbers staying in the same high range. Yet in America we see jobs going overseas yet Congress has created under USDA - Enterprise Zones, Enterprise Communities, Free-Trade Ports, Free Trade Zones, HUBZones, and other programs suppose to benefit Native Americans but still we read of high unemployment and why were the programs put into place? For we still see jobs put overseas while tribes have a multitude of tax incentives of benefit to potential employer or businesses with companies that work with tribes. So why does Government create all these supposely beneficial programs yet companies are outsourcing to other countries. Worst yet why are American Dollars going to Iraq for reconstruction and yet the wars with us Native Americans we received no compensation???

How many presidents has this country have and yet this nation's elected have no thoughts on Native Americans until we have a crisis or a commissioned report on the status of Alaska Natives and Native Americans. Every presidential election poses being on alert or in a battle stance depending on the agenda of the President. Each 10 years as one reads the US Census Report the sad statistics of Alaska Native and Native American remain the same poor housing conditions, sad state of health, under educated, no tribal economy, high unemployment. And we face teen suicide at very high rate, alcoholism, family violence, teens put in tribal prisons, and no future for the next generation. We see successes here and there and those successes can be duplicated to other tribes; but, the tribal financial resources or expertise is not there. What about the Tribal Trust Fund which is mismanaged by the Federal Government? Why not just turn it over to the tribes instead of being in sticky hands of the Federal Government which cannot account for dollars lost? Tribes can greatly benefit if it is just turned over to the Tribes and greatly improve their quality of life. What about Congressional Legislation to reduce poverty among Alaska Native and Native American population? It needs to happen. In 1862 there was the Sand Creek Massacre and just recently the Federal Government now decides to have compensation in the form of tribal economic development for the current families of those massacred. Yet we Alaska Natives and Native Americans see this current Presidential Administration sending American money over to Iraq for rebuilding that country and the war is not even over. Yet this same government wars with Native Americans they did not receive any compensation or reconstruction dollars for the damage done to them. Why not resolve the social and economic conditions of Alaska Natives and Native Americans once and for all instead of being a tax burden why not improve the quality of life for all of the indigenous population of America?

Racism in Phoenix, Arizona By School Students

This is second incident that I have heard take place against Native Americans in a outright racist way right within Maricopa County. What makes this matter worst both acts of hate were committed by school students. The first one was very violent committed by school children throwing rocks at a Native American Woman from a school bus. Worst yet school bus driver not in control of this children and allowed such a hideous act of violence to take place.

The second act of racial prejudice is non-native students being very racists with degrading and belittling words toward our Native American Students at Desert Vista High School. For a campus that has a motto of “Excellence in Teaching and Learning” it seems that more needs to be taught to these school age children about other races within their school and who these Native Students are and the long lasting impact they have made upon their fellow students.

Beswick, Richard, writes: “What role can schools play in combatting racism? As children grow up racist, the schools still have a chance to reeducate them. Some exemplary schools are training students to create a climate of antiracist peer pressure. And in a growing number of schools, new curricula promoting racial and ethnic awareness through multicultural education are turning diversity into opportunity.” He further writes, WHAT IS RACISM?
Racism is a developed set of attitudes that include antagonism based on the supposed superiority of one group or on the supposed inferiority of another group, premised solely on skin color or race. Some authors suggest that racism and white racism may be synonymous. Defining bigotry as a primarily white problem does disservice in two ways. It ignores the fact that racist attitudes can breed in any ethnic group and it undermines the expressed goals of this decade's most promising solution--multicultural education. Celebration of diversity is a better foundation for racial harmony than is class guilt, says Charles Glenn (1989). What does he say about children and racism?

Kenneth Clarke (in Mock 1988) details the developmental phases of racial attitudes in children. By age two, a child notices color differences. In the next two to four years, the child begins to identify with his or her own racial group. At that point she forms preference patterns on the basis of the prevailing attitude within the group and not by contact with a racially different group.
Parents are the earliest and most powerful source of racial attitudes (positive or negative), while peers run a close second (Savard and Aragon 1989). By the early grades every child carries at least some stereotyping.
Institutional and cultural prejudices are more subtle because they are embedded in unexamined assumptions and established procedures. The roots of these are multigenerational and can persist even after years of legislative remedies. (ERIC Clearinghouse on Educational Management Eugene OR. )

So what are the parents of these non-native students going to say or do to their children about other races within their school district? Well these non-native students continue to be racist? And why are they being so prejudice toward our Native American Students when their Tribal Government provides lot of financial support in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to their surrounding neighbors? If the students of Desert Vista High School visit the Heard Museum Gila River Indian Community contributed a million dollars to this museum.

What is this school going to do to correct this matter of racism toward our Native Students? What is the Superintendent of Public Instruction going to do to mandate non-discrimination on the school campuses of Arizona?

In addition to deeper curricular remedies, it is important to declare a public repugnance for racism. One such declaration, the Racism Free Zone, has been effective in Lane County, Oregon, schools. Developed by Clergy and Laity Concerned and modified from the Nuclear Free Zone concept, this program begins with a formal day of celebration. A plaque is prominently displayed that reads in part:
We will not make statements or symbols indicating racial prejudice. Freedom of speech does not extend to hurting others. Racism will not be tolerated and action will be taken to ensure this.
White students acquire a feeling of ownership for this zone of protection, and minority students report a feeling of security and pride. (ERIC Clearinghouse on Educational Management Eugene OR. )

Shame on students of Desert Vista High School for being prejudice toward the Native American Students. Shame on parents of these students for allowing your students to commit and act out such slanderous and belittling words which have a life long impact upon those who have been afflicted with wounding words.

To our Gila River Indian Community Students stand proud and continue for you have more of a culture, heritage that spans centuries of existence clear back to 300 BC as a tribe and the new comers in Ahwatukee only started building in 1971 in that area and they have much to learn and we have much to give and offer despite their ignorance and they not knowing us.

Terrance H. Booth, Sr. (Tsimshian Tribe)

Two-faced Presidential Administration

While the first lady, Laura Bush is out supporting tribal youth and giving them honor talking about programs that help Native youth her husband the President undermines efforts in area of education which is key for survival and for Native Americans to work their way out of poverty. With No Child Left Behind, statements the President has greatly hindered Native American progress fully knowing that Native Americans face grave disparities.

With each new presidential administration the Tribes prepare for battles or in some rare occasion the presidential administration may some how find favor upon tribal education and other need social and economic initiatives to bring solutions to their sad state of affairs.

The U. S. Civil Rights Commission, 2003 Report, which a copy when to President Bush, this reports says on American Indian Education: Department of Education
“As a group, Native American students are not afforded educational opportunities equal to other American students. They routinely face deteriorating school facilities, underpaid teachers, weak curricula, discriminatory treatment, outdated learning tools, and cultural isolation. As a result, achievement gaps persist with Native American students scoring lower than any other racial/ethnic group in basic levels of reading, math, and history. Native American students are also more likely to drop out.
The lack of educational opportunities in Native communities extends to postsecondary and vocational programs. Special Programs for Indian Adults has not been funded since 1995, and vocational rehabilitation programs are too poorly funded to meet the abundant need. Although 14 applications for such programs were submitted in 2001, only five tribal organizations received funding. Tribal colleges and universities receive 60 percent less federal funding per student than other public community colleges.
The federal government has sole responsibility for providing education to these students—an obligation it is failing to meet. Funding for DOEd’s Office of Indian Education (OIE) has remained a relatively small portion of the department’s total discretionary budget (ranging from 0.2 to 0.3 percent) between 1998 and 2003. OIE funding has undergone several reductions over the last few decades and, in many years, its budget has failed to account for inflation. At no time during the period under review in this report have all OIE subprograms been funded.” Despite major efforts on part of tribal leaders, Native American Educators and professional Native American Education Associations testimonies the Native American Educational Budget was cut. Hopeful the next U. S. Civil Rights Commission on federal budget cuts on Native Americans instead of a “Quiet Crisis,” the next one be a “Noisy Crisis.” Meaning it has a detrimental impact on all Native American educational programs. Solutions to Native American poverty is not set back and all the unmet needs of Native Americans in now off in the distance for education was key to bring ourselves out of poverty.
This presidential administration has now been marked by the Native American community as a President NOT holding to his words as NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. And he has targeted American Indians of all people who do need the most help compared to other minorities for their economic status is equal to that of third world countries. What would be great is to see a policy on poverty reduction of American Indians for each ten years the US Census Report comes out one reads that the poverty level of American Indian remains in high percentages.

Since education is our only “salvation” that would bring us out of our disparities why not provide proper funding levels to American Indian Educational Programs instead of creating further tax burdens upon America. It is ironic first lady, Laura Bush gave praises of one program that mentioned a tribe using resources of law enforcement, health care, education and housing which all receive budget cuts and was stated that these resources helped in the children in their development. Conclusion was she received a gift, and said, “It’s really beautiful, and a wonderful symbol of what we are all trying to do, hold our children and help them in every way we can.” She should speak to her husband on the experience and all of us together should help our children in every way we can and seek proper educational levels from Headstart to College students our children need our help and our future dictates a more meaningful quality of life.

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