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Or should I? Your blog commentary does, as also that of Maureen Dowd, NY Times, tend to ease my psyche with "there's another like me out there"! But should I rejoin majority, or it it?, US America and ignore the world by immersing myself in TV? Will I feel better, isn't that what counts?, seeing O'Reilly and Hannity praising "W's" (Dowd's reference) guidance of the USA and the world to Utopia? Of those Fox "blabbering heads" the former is a disgrace to my heritage, the latter shames my city of origin!

Thanks for being "another like me". I several years into Bush's first four concluded he intended a monarchy with his brother following him. As a father of five I'd considered sending a note of sympathy to GH Bush.

Being one who has "hope springing eternally from his breast" that challenge to the election http://nostolendemocracy.typepad.com/ on January 6th gives me momentary solace. The price I pay for my mother's reading many fairy tales to me when I was a young child is high!

Interesting that the "stuff" the White House uses is "ambien". I've never heard of it but it seems to induce psychoses as well as sleep!

A modification to your headline might be: "When the King can't be bothered or is planning another conquest, ...". I hope you don't mind.

Didn't I read something about Jeb Bush saying he wouldn't run for president in 2008? Or was that another halluination of mine?

Here it is. Of course, he might just run anyway.

I'm expecting his inevitable announcement for 2008 to include a mention of how this trip to Indonesia changed his life and made him realize that he just had to run for the presidency. In private interviews he'll mention how he could feel the presence of God as he toured the devestation and witnessed the love and the blah blah blah ...

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