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What I believe to be true but can't prove? What popped into my head was that my life matters... in the grand scheme of things kind of way.

When I think abut it a bit, it's that there is a reason for hope.

You have to work really hard everyday to be happy.
Nothing and no other person can make you happy but
if you work hard at it you can be happy.

I do believe this and I can not prove it.

I believe that objectivity is possible.

What I believe that I cannot prove? "There is hope."

And most of my hits daily come from googlers — about 250 of 'em on average before the holidays, when it dipped to around 90 and is slowly rising again (currently about 115-120 and still moving back up).

I believe that Karl Rove planted those goddamn memos.

I'm with you on the memos. I also believe that America is effectively disenfranchised. And I believe a six month boycott of WalMart that took their sales growth figures down by half would bring them to their knees.

I get Google hits from 'naked granny', which gives me the creeps because I don't even remember writing about her.

Bush II is gay.

Shari: admit it, you have. Google knows.

Roxanne: my mom and I say that all the time. Betty Bowers had a funny piece on that too.

This question was a real buzz-kill for me all weekend. I tried coming up with something deep (other than my belief in God - which is deep but oh so unoriginal) and all that kept coming back into my head was this:

Even with Randy Johnson, the Yankees still won't win the World Series.

Months before the season starts and this is what I can't get out of my head.

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