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Speaking of spaghetti, what do you think about Chuck Pennachio ? He's looking for feedback on the design and content of his new website at http://chuck2006.com, as well as cash.

Nicely played, Aeolus.

I went to Chuck's site. It looks good. I signed up for the blogger thing, which is a good, inclusive, team-building idea. I'm going to talk to someone from his campaign when he comes to our local meet-up in March so that should be fun. I'm not entirely sure where he stands on all the issues.

I've also spoken to someone in the local Dem party who says that Chuck doesn't have a chance, which was hard to hear because I don't like coronations and I really don't like Bob Casey, Jr. This is going to be a very difficult race. Santorum is vulnerable and if the SocSec thing continues to tank, he'll be even more vulnerable. But he's very very strong in the western half of the state and the money poured into his race will be astronomical. The Dems have to do some outrageously creative thinking starting yesterday and the people in charge of the party here don't strike me as creative enough by half. But we'll see.

Thanks. I sent him some money and some thoughts on his web site. Bigger type, heavily graphic, lots of links, frank and informal talk that will get him talked about and keep volunteers and bloggers coming to his site. Blogging and conversational Dean-style instead of a static web site.

I gave enough last election cycle to enough people so I'm on the call list for early money from guys in PA.
That's what happens when there are no competitive races in CA because of gerrymandering.

And boy would I love to see Santorum retired.

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