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I haven't seen the show, but Carlson, newly freed from his role as partisan hack on Crossfire, was actually good on Real Time last night. He's the only conservative I've seen on the show who was both sensible and not defensive. (You might remember the conservatrons on Bill Maher's ABC show. They wore suits and needed enemas.) But since he made it big a couple of years ago, he's been a Rove puppet. Now remember, this is the guy who reported Bush's egregious Carla Fay Tucker remark during the 2000 campaign and told us about the Right Wing Conspiracy meetings (okay, hyperbole there) of Grover Norquist that ensured everyone knew that week's talking points. I'm surprised he didn't have a nervous breakdown at CNN. He must have Clinton's compartmentalization abilities or have no conscience whatsoever. You pick.

Whenever I consider Carlson, I remember both of the incidents you mentioned and I wonder if I'm too hard on him. But then I reflect on his egregious body of work ever since and especially the Jacuzzi Boy comment, which, as I have said, should have had his pasty ass kicked to the curb of journalism.

I'm going to come down on the side of him having no conscience. Clinton was always trying to buy his soul back. Carlson sells his to the highest bidder.

I agree with Rob about Tucker on Real Time last night... he was clearly the most rational, reasonable person on the show.

I think the problem with him is how uneven he is. He was virtually unwatchable on the unwatchable Crossfire, but seeing him on other shows, it makes me think that he played into the role that was given him.

Which is a problem, when you are a pundit. You've got to be consistent an even-handed in your analysis. You aren't an actor playing a role, you are a person with ideas, and fortunate at that to get paid for sharing those ideas. Playing a role is not responsible.

Thanks for your comments over at SRWU!

I think global AIDS policy is not enough because we failed to control HIV/AIDS virus. We want to more & more struggle to control of HIV/AIDS virus.

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