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Well, let's look at it this way:

Reid floats the idea that a compromise might be in the works. It helps fight against the idea that the Dems are obstructionists while simultaneously showing that the Republicans are weak enough on the issue to give in a little bit.

Now the Republicans are forced into a position where they have to choose from the lesser of two evils, lest they put forward the appearance that THEY are the one's holding up the works for their own game.

Well, today Frist said that he is uninterested in any deal which does not include the confirmation of ALL of Bush's nominees.

Reid won this round. He forced Frist into a tough position, and Frist has decided to stick to his guns. This has a high probability of backfiring on him, because now it appears that he backed off of a bipartisan solution to the problem. He could have spun it, eventually, into a "Bill Frist led the way to a solution while simultaneously saving the Senate" but now he won't have the option.

I'm going to go write about this in my blog, but I'm pretty impressed with what Reid is doing.

I would agree with you completely if we lived with a press that reported fairly. But this will be spun as the Dems failing to acheive a compromise instead of Frist being an obstructionist. That matters because the cover it gives the GOP translates into time to rework the situation until they can finagle public support to increase for their side.

Who compromises with the devil only gets burned. One must recognize the turf and who has the homefield. On the other hand, I still think we can win the game on the road

The press spin is a problem, but how to explain the egg-on-face situation the Republicans find themselves in because of the Schiavo/judicial activisim murderous encitements/Nuclear Option fiascos?

I think there is a real tide working here, and the polls support me.

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