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"...step right up and beat the Mets!
Bring the kiddies, bring the wife
Guaranteed your share of tsuris for life,
Because the opposition's whacking that ball
Hitting those home runs over the wall
East side, west side, everybody's coming down
Because they can't get tickets to the Yanks in town..."

Mets fan on and off since 1967. :)

East side, west side, everybody's coming down
Because they can't get tickets to the Yanks in town..."

LOL! We've mangled those lyrics for years in my family - never thought of that one!

Welcome to Red Sox baseball pre-autumn-of-2004.

Or maybe it's just the curse of Brooks-bino.

AGG! Bite your tongue, JD. For the Brooks-curse reference, not the Red Sox one, to which I'm clinging.

I don't know. Brooksie knows people.

Ed Kranepool says to say hello. Jerry Martin did block the throw to first base in '69. The Mets did trade Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi. Was Ron really so Darling?

Oy. Added you to the blogroll. well you've yourself a ball club, The Mets of New York town. . . .


I finally left the Mets last year and spent the last year in a shelter for escaped Mets fans in an undisclosed location, but on Sunday night Mets Baseball found me, and boy, did it look hot, armed with two dozen roses, a beautiful diamond bracelet, Pedro's long, curly locks and Carlos' formidable biceps -- and I succumbed to its charms again, to the point where I engaged in a hot night of watching the WPIX "New Mets" promo program -- staying up too late just two days before having to drive 535 miles to North Carolina.

Then Mets Baseball beat the crap out of me again yesterday with this 7/6 loss, so it's back to the shelter I go. I think I'll keep going to those group sessions to find out why I keep believing Mets Baseball when it tells me it loves me and that this time it'll be different.

Jill we need a support group. Steve Summers, an announcer on WFAN (the flagship station of Mets baseball), who runs rehabs for fans after bad losses.

Heretik: mmmm ... Ed Kranepool. Thanks for the add to your blogroll.

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