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Kerry is not the guy to lead ANYTHING. He should not call me or email me again EVER.

Glad you are talking about the National Election Data Archive Project study. I liked this quote from Cannonfire:

When talk turns to the exit poll discrepancy, many still parrot the "chatty Dem" theory, which holds that NEP pollsters received greater feedback from Kerry supporters in 2004. But no pundit has tried to reconcile that allegation with the fact that the same respondents said that, in 2000, they had voted for Bush over Gore, 43% to 37%. (Gore, as I never tire of repeating, actually won the popular vote.) Neither do the pundits address the fact that the discrepancy was at its widest in Bush strongholds. These two facts prove that Bush supporters, not Kerry supporters, were over-represented by the NEP poll.

And isn't it odd that exit polls in Ukraine were constantly quoted and given as a reason for calling fresh elections but their American equivalents are never mentioned in the corporate media ..

Quick comment to say: you can add another voice in the wilderness. I've been looking at this report since you and Avedon Carol (and doubtless many others) first plugged it, and have put a few followup questions to USCountVotes about it. I'm not corporate media, of course.

I think you and they are right that a thorough investigation is warranted, although pace Cannonfire, the data USCountVotes have so far probably can't prove what he/she thinks, it can merely suggest it (it's summary data gleaned from Edison-Mitofsky's own report, not raw data).

Given that definitive data aren't available, it seems to me Kerry is doing what he can without getting ahead of what can be proven. Note that Hillary Clinton is a co-sponsor of Count Every Vote; this will presumably loom larger, not smaller, as 2008 approaches. But your call for a bigger coalition about this is right.

(...from the blog so nice you linked me twice!)

should've kept that quiet, I guess

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