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I have gone over and over this in my head. I have been so disenchanted since the sex abuse scandal. While the Pope has done good things, he could have really helped tons of victims and their families. He had a lot of clout! I am afraid to see the next Pope. Is there such a thing as a "progressive Catholic"?

Hey Dee :) It's a crap shoot. You never know how the power will affect people. According to all I've read recently, JPII came in hellbent to haul the church backward and he did.

I'm hopeful for an African pope, but I'm guessing now that the next one will come from Latin America. I'm figuring that JPII pushed for that before he died and that he'd want to make the point to a region he saw as still vulnerable to communism, which seems to have been an obsession with him. No matter where the next one is from though, it will take a real miracle to get him to wake up to women's issues and that's going to mean a lot more dead people over the coming years.

Bono calls the JPII the "best frontman" the Catholic Church ever had.


Maybe he meant to say "the best frontman Cardinal Bernard Law ever had."

As a woman, it's hard for me to hear anyone say anything good about JP2, but I'm working on the forgiveness thing. It's maddening to think that Law will be involved in picking the next frontman.

thanks for all those links. And you are soo right when you talk about the corporate media 'whitewashing the Pope's career'!

If you think an African pope would be a force for liberalization, you're out of your mind. The African cardinals are on the extreme far right of the church's current range of views.

Hey, Patrick. You never know what someone will do with power. I didn't think about the politics of the African cardinals, although I should have remembered that I had read something like that. Then again, Michael Walsh, says it could likely be an Italian again and an old one at that.

As for out of my mind, I prefer to believe that the Holy Spirit entered me and led me to prophesize something beautiful for the future of the Catholic Church and the people it oppresses. Could happen.

Nice compilation. Yer compilation has been cited and given props over in my boss's compilation of All Pope All the Time.

My main man The Heretik is so self important he couldn't come by and give you his thanks himself, so I have to do it for him. Gracias. Bueno. Tenga la suerte de dios.

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