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Celebrity? Who's 'Zach Braf'? Sounds like a stage name to me.

Braf is from the NBC sitcom, Scrubs. He's branched out to direct and hit a home run with his first movie, Garden State. I didn't love it as I watched it, but it wasn't bad and it stayed with me.

Hey, eRobin, the link for the John Edwards blog actually points to the Garden State blog again.

D'oh! I'll fix that. I must really like Zach Braf.

1. Did you see John Edwards' guest-blog column on Talking Points Memo's special bankruptcy bill edition? Worth reading, though it's kinda stump-speechy.

2. Battlestar Galactica is superb. And it's in reruns right now--they reran the first episode last week. So you can still catch it.

3. David Duchovny has a blog for House of D. Not great but worth reading just to see his thought process in directing his first feature, which he wrote.

4. Thanks for the tips.

Thanks for the mention, though I must insist I'm still baffled by these elections here. Applying my political knowledge from here doesn't always settle the confusion, but I do what I can to interpret.

Hi Rob: I'm aware of the blogging of David Duchovny ;)

His seemed like a knock-off of Garden State. The audio entries I heard were painful. But you're right, it's neat to hear how normal these people are and that they muddle through a lot of the creative process like anyone else.

I think Braf and Duchovny look enough alike to be brothers. I want them to do a movie together. And I want the kid from Boy Meets World to do one with Albert Brooks. Nobody in Hollywood - or Bollywood - every listens to me.

Hi Kathy: That just shows how desperately little I know! I still don't get how the PM can pick when to hold the election. Kos is going to England to blog about the elections, but you're still my first choice. Your live-blogging of the latest wedding of the century was so good, I figure I'll watch the elections with you too :)

1. I don't understand why the Edwards blog blogrolls the requisite A-listers.

2. More astonishingly, I don't understand why they blogroll INSTAPUNDIT!!!

I know. He doesn't get blogging completely yet. Or he's probably afraid to link to too many because he'll be held responsible for what they say. He probably links to Instapundit for balance.

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