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You know, I subscribe to the Times of London just so I can scoop the blogosphere on stories like this. This would have to be one of the few stories they put outside of their subscription wall, wouldn't it?

(that's mock complaining, by the way. I really enjoy reading the Times.)

The Downing St. memo, etc., give new significance to the Niger-uranium story. I ran across a passage in Chain of Command that suggests this was a key piece of intelligence in the pre-war Senate vote.

What about the fist pumping "I feel good"?


I'm not sure I follow here:

"The Downing St. memo, etc., give new significance to the Niger-uranium story. I ran across a passage in Chain of Command that suggests this was a key piece of intelligence in the pre-war Senate vote."

Are you suggesting that Kerry knew this all along? That would explain a lot.

I read Hippo's comment to mean that Congress was duped with the "fixed" intelligence. I think that Thomas at Newsrack was on to that as well.

This is the Dems' opportunity to say something along those lines but Memorial Day isn't the time to do it. Let's see if they haul all of this ammo out in time for 2006 - unless we're in another war they voted to support by then.

It's always difficult to oppose an ongoing war - although the GOP had no trouble doing it when Clinton was in Kosovo. The Dems are frightened (they're always frightened) that at the very least, they'll have to provide an exit strategy. At the very worst, they'll be accused of saying that all the people who fought and/or died did so for nothing. Only a very few of the public will consider that stopping it sooner than later saves lives.

Sometimes my brain feels like a slinky that has been run over and twisted like a pretzel when I think about all the lies coverups and accomplices involved here. Rosemary's Baby for real all day everyday with bombs and bullets.

Who is not and has not been an accomplice to this tragic deception? Dennis Kuchinich, and he is all set to deliver another resolution to the house about pulling out of Iraq with Abercrombie(?).

"Only a very few of the public will consider that stopping it sooner than later saves lives." How in the heck are we going to change that?

How? Just by speaking the truth. The war is criminal. There's no lawful choice to stay in Iraq. Knowingly advocating a course of action that will lead to unlawful killing... isn't that what Pat Robertson just did?

On the question of the ramping up of sorties against Iraq that was widely discussed on the antiwar blog way back then before the war, although I remember it being more like trippled, quadrupled, "exponentially increasing" and so on.

I did try to find it but the archives are only on Google cache now which is a shame.

I did find this little gem though (December 18th 2002):

DavidByron, I've bookmarked this thread so that in a few months we can look again at your preposterous statements to see if any of your bizarrely confident predictions about Saddam are true. All manner of Iraqi defectors, including WMD scientists, have given lengthy, detailed testimony about Saddam's WMD programs, including nuclear. We also have satellite photos and all manner of other intel proving this.

I can only describe your position as one of willfull self-delusion.

This was in response to my lengthy comment about someone's assumption that Saddam had WMDs. Repeated here just because I'm LMAO about it. As far I as recalled I only started to claim Saddam definately had no WMDs by around February.

Link to the Google cache

"David Byron, are you actually claiming that Saddam is not pursuing WMD development programs?"

Well I wasn't but I think that's quite likely to be true isn't it? I mean if we suspend our "knowledge" that Saddam is "evil" and "loves WMDs" as Bush has put it, then the actual facts say just the opposite: that Iraq didn't have any WMD program when the inspectors left, that there's zero chance they could have started a nuclear program with the sanctions.

As for chemical and biological weapons... First of all could Saddam even do it when the US is denying even legitimate medicines into the country? Remember that the genocidal sanctions have been justified by psychotic US officials for 12 years on the basis that they prevented Iraqi WMDs. Now the same people are going to tell us the sanctions didn't work? At precisely what point did they cease to work? When it became a convenient excuse for war.

Secondly what is Saddam's motive for wanting them? He's not at war or likely to be at war with anyone but the US. Chemical weapons might have had some use against Iran two decades ago, (I guess the US figured they might help since they gave them to Saddam to fight their proxy war), but wouldn't help against the US. Chemical and bio weapons just don't kill very well. They sound bad... that's about it really. Unless you use tons of them against civiians of course, as the US has done in the past, they have very little military use. That's why these weapons are internationally banned whereas nukes are not. Truth is chemical and bio weapons just aren't very deadly.

Thirdly Saddam has every motivation for NOT starting a chemical/bio program. Duh. The US would use it to justify attacks. We know they would because they are trying to use even non-existant programs as a pretext.

Fourthly the US regime is known to have lied about Saddam's weapons. If Saddam is really making these weapons then there's a good chance the US regime knows about it I'd say. And if they knew about it then why would they make themselves look like chumps by pointing to mushroom growing plants and saying they were newly extended? Why not point the inspectors to where the real weapons are and then say that since Saddam clearly isn't complying that he should be invaded? But instead we get more cock and bull from the US regime.

So in conclusion is there ANYTHING to suggest that Saddam has a WMD program -- apart from Bush's propaganda?

And now we have thousands and thousands of people dead because they got their stupid war.

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