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This is great... very, very good... I totally dig it.

testing comments. :)

I like your new look! It was a real eye-opener first thing this morning. The silhouette is a good likeness, too.

what happened to the silhouette? it was so cool. But thanks for the blue background and larger type.

Good Morning, YFC: Thanks. I wonder what site you saw. I'm trying to figure out how long the re-design sticks until it flips.

Hey Dylan: Yeah, I liked it too but now it's disappearing. Chepooka will fix it. The woman is amazing. I wasn't kidding about Typepad not showing much love to custom designs. It's like the platform gets jealous.

Hi Thomas: When I read your comment, I hadn't see the latest flip so I though the new colors were showing up blue in some browsers, which I couldn't imagine. This at least, I had seen happen before. You're right, this blue is more soothing than the yellow and the horrible green is gone. But the real re-design is way nicer than this. I don't know what to do about font size. I think that's a browser thing. All sites read smaller on my iMac than on the kids' Dell. On the Dell some are so big, they're unreadable. It's all Greek to me.


Green against blue is a bit shocking first thing in the morning (my morning, not yours). Worse than an alarm clock. It's cleaner, tho.

The fonts in a site show up according to whether your browser is set on 'author mode'--in which case it appears as the site's creator intended. However, if it's set on 'user mode', preferences you've set override the author's. Opera and Firefox both have toggle buttons on the toolbar so you can switch back and forth. In IE, you have to go deep into preferences to change the setting; default is usually author mode.

Personally, I'd go for something other than green. The blue is nice, tho.

I saw the yellow with the silhouette. It was striking. I hope you get it up again soon--I emailed the rest of the family about it! I guess you didn't recognize my acronym in this context.

Hey Kel :) I was suspicious but not sure. I'm going to go back to what you saw. Stuff has to be worked out. The dreaded stuff ...

Hey Mick: I finally moved over to Firefox. I feel free. Or on fire. One of those.

Great, great, great look. Way cool.

I like it. Bet you pick up more return traffic, too! As you so well deserve.

Lookin' good!

Wow, Robin. You look really hot in the silhouette. My mental picture always had you looking a little more suburban and maternal. Reminds me of an Apple ad.

Geez, leave for a few days and eRobin turns yellow! Or yellow-esque.


I am hot! And maternal. That's the way I roll.

Very very cool.

So, I really dig the look, but on multiple visits, I have to say that I wish the text area where your writing in was about an inch wider... it makes everything seem a bit compact.

But I totally dig the orange and the look.

Hey Mick: I finally moved over to Firefox. I feel free. Or on fire. One of those.

Good for you. Quite a difference from Internet Exploder, ay? Firefox Rox!

Well, I can see it now and all I can say is WOW! Chepooka did that with Typepad? Bloody impressive. And phat! The orange is really...orange. Beautiful design.

But I agree with Dylan--the entry column is too narrow for comfort. Even 1/2 inch more width would help.

LOVE the new design. It tempts me to finally get a real design of my own....

Love the new design. As someone who also spends all-too-much time manipulating typepad, I know this design wasn't easy to execute. Kudos, again.

Hi Roxanne :) Thanks for the comment. Chepooka, the wonder designer, who did this for me, is great with Typepad. She's at Endeavor Creative.

I like it! Thanks for reminding folks that you are hot AND maternal.

We're all hot in our own way and the people we build our lives around would be the first ones to say so.

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