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And you should have heard Nina Totenburg on NPR as she *gushed* over how *smart* and *wonderful* he is. You'd swear she was trying to seduce him right there on the radio.


Not a fucking dime for NPR from me as long as they have these gushers. I've emailed my California Senators as follows:

A partisan hack for Supreme Court Justice ? Did the President seek your advise and consent on this choice ?

No, for God's sake, No, filibuster, whatever it takes.

Do the job you were elected to do.

Hey Fred. Hi Aeolus. You guys will probably be mad at me too then because I say pass the guy with flying colors. Unless there's some proof out there that he's an idealouge on Roe, then the battle is lost with the public. They don't care what his interpretation of the Commerce Clause and how that affects the Endangered Species Act or OSHA or a million other things that will end up in tatters over the next ten years. And there's no way to explain it to them. And the people who should be trying to explain it to us are so far in the tank for corporate interests tha they really don't even know it. They think they're players now themselves.

Aeolus: I stopped listening to NPR a while ago. It's doing exactly what the radical Republicans want me to do but I can't stomach their news any longer.

I think you're probably right, eRobin, but I'm cajoling people to make some noise anyhow.

He's an ideologue on Roe. He's written numerous times in conservative publications that Roe is bad law and should be overturned as soon as possible. For Bush, this is a two-fer: an anti-Roe ideologue and a corporate lawyer friendly to oligarchs.

Having said that, I see no point in fighting him. His record is all over the (conservative) spectrum; Roe is, so far as I can tell, the only issue he's an ideologue about. I'm not even convinced he will be as good a friend to corporations as Bush and his corporate backers assume he will be. I'd give him a very hard time over Roe and his corporate background, then vote for him. If he's rejected, his replacement--a la Bork--will be ten times worse. I think Chris is right: pass him eventually but make a lot of noise first.

Yep - that's basically Amanda Panda's idea too, which I endorsed at the American Street. Now let's see if the Dems can do it. I predict glowing speeches about his fitness from Schumer and Biden and their ilk.

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