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Santorum 2008? Icky, sticky and gross! Did you see him on the Daily Show last night? Jon Stewart did a great job.

Stewart was okay. I didn't like how he kept letting Santorum say that two parents, one male, one female, is the best way to raise a child. I understand why Stewart didn't make more of it but allowing that premise to stand is a mistake.

The idea that people like Romney can still get elected in blue states...ugh.

Abortion rights first - then on to contraceptives. What I find hard to understand is that so many women vote for people like Romney/Santorum but then I don't understand many things ..

I like Jon Stewart's interview style. Is there anyone who does better interviews in America these days? I'm not saying there isn't; I just don't bother to watch TV news much. There are better interviewers in other countries where people expect to be given a hard time but in the US there are so many people throwing softball interviews on high profile shows that there's simply no benefit for anyone to go to a ball-buster. In the UK people go to prove they can handle it.

So he's no ball-buster but he does get people to open up in a way that the syrupy interviews don't. Pretty good for ten minutes usually. He gives people a lot of rope. Why would I want to hear Jon Stuart's opinion in an interview? I get his opinion the rest of the time. He gives people a fair crack at it I think. Oddly enough I think he does manage to get people to spin less than usual. I don't get the impression he ever plays "Gotcha!" His questions and criticism seem aimed at getting people to quit spinning and say what they really think.

And that's really what Santorum thinks.

But I agree in a longer interview he should have been asked whether he thinks, eg. an atheist couple is a less than ideal family, or a Catholic familly. And if he thinks he has a right to pass laws on the basis of his opinions of the quality of such famillies where does he draw the line?

And if he thinks he has a right to pass laws on the basis of his opinions of the quality of such famillies where does he draw the line?

I agree. That's the million dollar question that all these theocrats need to be asked. It exposes the weakness in their thinking and their hypocrisy and that's why it is never asked by the corporate media.

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