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Are any details about that bill available? That post didn't explain anything.

Hi Peter. Click on the link and learn away.

Gotta' say I'm happy this was approved by the Senate. My only complaint would be that they should have expanded it to all products. I honestly don't understand your beef with it.


No special 'immunity'
By Wayne LaPierre
You can't blame Duron for spray-paint graffiti.

You can't blame GM for run-down pedestrians.

You can't blame Buck for knife stabbings.

You can't blame Stanley for crowbar beatings.

But you can blame firearm-makers for criminal misuse of firearms.

That's the ruinous exploitation happening right now that must be stopped by the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

The act would end a decade of prejudiced and predatory lawsuits designed to put gunmakers out of business.

Gun prohibitionists have failed to get their social agenda from Congress. So they've turned to the courts, where it takes just one activist judge to issue a death sentence for America's firearms companies.

Don't be fooled by phony claims that the act would "shield" gunmakers or would give them special "immunity." The act wouldn't give gunmakers any more protection than any other industry has. It simply would ensure that gunmakers have equal protection from third-party liability that other industries already enjoy. Gunmakers and sellers are still liable for defective products or violating the myriad of laws regulating sales.

The Senate should pass this act immediately:

• It's urgent because lawsuits are driving gunmakers to economic ruin. They've spent more than $200 million defending such lawsuits. Yet the entire industry combined wouldn't qualify as a Fortune 500 company.

• It's critical because, as the Bush administration points out, the act protects our military's procurement needs. Without America's small-arms capability, we must turn to foreign shores for munitions necessary to defend our national security.

• It's essential because our men and women in uniform need it. The Department of Defense supports the act because it helps ensure the military readiness of our armed forces and peace officers.

• It's fair, reflected in its bipartisan Senate support.

No other industries are forced to defend themselves when a violent criminal they do not know, have never met and cannot control misuses a legal, non-defective product.

America's firearm manufacturers deserve the same fair treatment.

Wayne LaPierre is executive vice president of the National Rifle Association.

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