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I'd like to add my blogging colleague, David Caploe, to your list. I haven't heard of those guys, though, and would like to know more.

Dr. Caploe has talked about the uselessness of the term "bias" for many years. (I was a student of his at Duke, where he taught a Theory of TV News course, in 1986-87.) He argues that a concept of objectivity is indeed possible but that it requires a complete rethinking in order to overcome the significant obstacles that do exist.

He has since expanded his framework to include his concept of the global media society.

So, if any of your readers have connections to the publishing industry (Chelsea Green might be interested), we certainly have the content.

Now that I've seen the video, I realize that you're talking about the new Goldberg book. From the title, it sounds more worthy of a blog post than a book. But, hey, that's the discourse.

Speaking of which, Caploe's Millenium Crisis lectures might be a good reposte to Goldberg.

Stewart really does a nice job giving just enough rope to wingnuts...

How can Stewart say that culture doesn't matter after having gotten so much attention for ripping Begala and Carlson on Crossfire?

Hi JD: Sorry for the confusion about the Goldberg book.

I think Stewart would say that what happened on Crossfire didn't matter. I'm pretty sure he said just that in fact after the announcement of its cancellation was made.

Scott: He's also a very quick thinker. He pivots and stays on message better than most politicians I see on TV. Plus the audience on his side helps.

eRobin, if you are interested in any of the lecture materials, I could get a copy to you.

I'll add my one cent, in question form.

To Goldberg and his book about 100 people ruining this country.

Do you fit into this mix, and what is your rank?

If Jon Stewart thinks that the people in Goldberg's book are powerless, then how does he explain the power of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream Speech"?

Anon: I hear that I was ranked 101. Damn you, Howard Stern.

JD: I haven't seen Goldberg's book so I don't know who's in there but from the interview and Stewart's observations, I think it's filled with entertainers, which is a separate part of American culture. That's the point that Stewart was addressing.

I think Stewart was saying that Goldberg was part of the problem by elevating the importance of the people he featured and thereby contributing to the distracting of America from the real seats of power. That's why Stewart is so effective - and dangerous, he can straddle the two worlds.


If there were any "entertainers" or filmmakers in this country who could make a coherent argument or tell a compelling story, they would be incredibly powerful! Leni Riefenstahl was an "entertainer."

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