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We could try that douchebag's method of subjective gauging, or we could... oh, I don't know... just use the fucking polls that say that 68% of the American public that doesn't approve of the way Sock Puppet is handling the War in Iraq.

All part of the script...bristle at any suggestion that Iraq is like Vietnam, except the domestic political situation is not just similar but identical. Or rather, the rewritten history of Vietnam as that highly successful military engagement traitorously cut off just short of success by the Media and a bunch of smelly hippies.

Ignoring Milbank's difficulties with the facts, and that snarky "second meeting"--one has to read that incredible VandeHei interview to really watch the Kool-aid taking effect--the suggestion that "anti-war protests taking to the streets" is a gauge of anything is nonsensical. Protests are a tool. Street demonstrations didn't end the Vietnam war--the slow public awareness of having been lied to in service of an ill-conceived and futile or endless waste of American lives did that.

If you want to see the success of the "anti-war movement" just pop on down to your local Army recruiter. Last time I checked the calendar it was 2005, not 1965.

Dana Milbank was a shill for the war before it started so no surprise he whores himself for it now. He lives in the Danacentric world. Oy

The question that Sheehan has been asking and the media chooses to ignore is Why are we over there? When the justification for the war has changed several times it becomes clear to anyone with sense that something dishonest is going on. WMDs,Al Qaeda, Regime change, democracy, freedom. Personally, I believe that their intention was to install an America-friendly psuedo-democracy that would allow them to maintain permanent military bases to threaten Iran with. Of course for some stupid reason they thought that it would be easy. Now our military is stuck and Iran doesn't have to worry to much about W's empty threats. Cruel irony.

Hi Ryan :) Wolfowitz is even quoted in the Downing Street Minutes as saying that the US position is to install "something like a functioning democracy." Those five words are all I needed to hear about what the US plans for the Iraqis have always been.

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