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Cynthia McKinney and Justin Raimondo.

Ideally it would have a good shot at winning as well as governing well

Ah. Well at least by setting the bar so low I'll encourage others to post.

Actually are we allowed dead people? If it makes a difference the one I'm thinking of was a famous and sucessful medium so I'm sure they'd be up for it.

We're talking Dems who are clinically dead and Republicans I like so we must include dead people.

Dream Ticket:
Brian Schweitzer / Chuck Hagel

Realistic? No. Chances of winning? I dunno.. but it's probably really slight.

I share you overall sentiment, though. I'm tired of voting for the same old Dem toolbags. I'm opening my ballot to anyone. So, say if it was Hillary vs. McCain in '08.. I definitely wouldn't vote for Hillary but might vote for McCain if there isn't a better 3rd party candidate to vote for.

Chuck Hagel and John McCain are probably the only Republicans that I would consider voting for.

I like Hagel as Veep as well. But I'd push Wes Clark for the top of the ticket. I think Hagel can help Clark navigate the difficult waters of DC insiderdom.

OK, if we're really thinking outside the box, don't see any reason we have to stick with all guys. How about Clark with Snowe as VP. Balanced for in- and outside-the-Beltway, Northeast and South, military and non-. A moderate, pro-choice woman Republican could be a good addition.

Oh, I love it, Psyche. Snowe was the person I couldn't think of - a Republican who may take that VP slot. Is there a Republican governor who isn't a disaster? Hey - that guy from Alabama? He was all "Jesus would raise taxes" and his voters smote him. I just read that his state has revamped a big social program involving foster kids I think and now it's a model for the country. Pair him up with - wait for it - Edwards and you've got a southern populist ticket with cross-party cred. No war theme though.

OK OK, so maybe I deserved this but I wasn't kidding. I think the time has come to start looking for serious alternatives to a Democratic party so deep in corporate pockets and wallowing in political cowardice that it's never going to be seen again. I don't think there's anything worth saving left in the party except a few individuals like Dean and Boxer and maybe not them.

We can continue to complain for the next 30 years while they help the Pubs hand the country over to corpo-fascists or we can dump them and look for--or create--something better. They're sure not doing us much good as they are.

My problem is that I think Clinton-Gore already was the perfect Republicrat crossover ticket.

But I'm just an unrepentant lefty.

Mick: I'm with you on a third party. And I'm angry. I want the Dems ground to dust. I should have phrased it this way: While we are forming this viable third party that will grind the Dems to dust, we can't throw away any influence (real or imagined) we have in interim elections.

But hey, maybe there's another Howard Dean out there waiting to run right now and when the Dems try to crush her/him, s/he'll fight back with a third party in '08. I'll be on that bandwagon.


But I really really don't like McCain, and he'd never do it anyway. So I'll offer Feingold-Scweitzer (gov from Montana). Or is that too Hebrew for America? Feingold and Napalitano? Yeah, that's the ticket!

But you must, really, get over this Richardson thing. Trust me on this.

Get over Richardson? What do you know?? I really don't know anything about him except he's hispanic (the super golden wonka ticket for '08) and he seems to be another DLCer.

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