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Hey, i wrote a real nice comment here and now it's gone.

Hell. You would have liked it, too.

I didn't see it. But Typepad has been hinky all day. I lost a whole post. Sorry it zapped you.

It wasn't Typepad, it was me. I just lost a great post I'd worked on for hours at Blogger. I'd get drunk iif it wasn't so late.

Gad, that's infuriating.

But, in better news, how 'bout that Mike Cameron?

Thanks for writing and researching this. I've got a mad on about this too.

Why aren't more patriotic Americans pissed off about the way they mock military service records? We really need to associate right-wing conservatives with spitting on war veterans. The evidence is there.

Scott: This is a dream season for me - how pathetic is that? I'm so excited about next year that they can do no wrong in my eyes.

Riggs: I lost one today too - right into the ether. My computer laughed at me for hours after that. Stupid machine.

Kathy: I would love to be able to get that message across to moderate Americans. But I'm not sure how effective the effort would be. Limbaugh listeners - the moderates and the rabid base - seem to be able to compartmentalize. So Hackett, the Dem, is a "staff puke" and that somehow makes the other soldiers - whoever they are - more loved in their eyes. They always need to have that touchstone of hate to validate their love. It's so messed up.

I saw that he'd said that. Disgusting. And he claims to "support" the troops? Which ones?

Disgusting indeed! As disgusting as the fact that Ms Schmidt beat Mr Hackett in Ohio, albeit narrowly!

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