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What a great way to respect those who've died in the war! That asshat in a pickup also desecrated a bunch of American flags when he moved over those crosses. There are pictures of the crosses up at Daily Kos.

You clearly fail to understand the message of Jesus Christ, who gave His life that all might live. In sharp contrast, Cindy Sheehan promotes herself (no one else) and disrespects our Godly President.

I really don't know what your problem is, except that you need more Jesus in your life and more love for your country, hippy.

Cool! I'm a hippy. So was Jesus, which is what I respect about him the most.

If the message of Jesus was to "bomb your neighbor" I personally want no part of it. Cindy Sheehan speaks for the majority of Americans who feel this war in Iraq is senseless.

If you think this is a just war, then by all means enlist and go to Iraq and "really" support "your" president instead of bashing those who disagree with your bible.

The U.S. occupation of Iraq has called in question a wide range of moral sources in legitimizing actions of the Bush Administration. There exists a broad consensus of public opinion outside the United States, depicting the Iraq quagmire as morally illegitimate.
Forces inside the United States, such as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, are equally critical of the Bush doctrine’s policy of preemptive strike. Importantly, however, in evaluating the moral import of the Iraq war, both secular and non-secular sources are considered as wholly plausible. Public opinion in many foreign capitals runs counter to U.S. public opinion polls. According to Madame Faury, Adjointe au Maire du Havre in Le Havre, France, an overwhelming number of French citizens remain highly critical of the U.S.-led war effort. The same can be said of the entire European Union in criticizing the validity of invading Iraq.

While outside our borders much of the world condemns the actions of Washington, the comfort and warmth of nationalism pacifies America’s heartland. This pacification, according to Freud, is to be expected. Nationalism like one’s mother is nurturing. A baby is weak and dependent upon delivery as a nation’s moral strength is weak and diminished upon threat. Without question, our culture’s falsification of personal control and the concomitant myth of control drain our personal morality like sap from a tree. This philosophy of control was extraordinarily depicted in the French film "King of Hearts," where the perceived insane were victimized by the vagaries of war.

The concept of moral consequentialism cannot be overstated. This concept remains basic to the moral view of the Catholic Church with consideration to U.S. policy toward Iraq. The carpet bombings of Germany by U.S. fliers toward the end of World War Two has, in large measure, been reconciled by Catholic theologians. But, America’s role in Iraq has not met this conceptual moral threshold, according to some Catholic clergy. Arguably, the Vatican remains mostly consistent with regard to life and death issues. It is most perplexing, then, to witness such moral uncertainty and inconsistency within the Catholic faithful, especially with regard to the war in Iraq. Again, deaf, dumb and blind nationalism trumps Catholic doctrine.

Catholicism’s chief antagonist, Judaism, has within the moral framework altering rules with concern over the Iraq situation. Obviously, the stakes are higher and closer to home for most Jews. Witness the U.S. 2004 presidential election, where an unprecedented Jewish vote went for George W. Bush.

Within the confines of international law there must exist some conceptual moral framework in foreign policy decision making, something akin to the Kholberg stratification of moral development theory ought to predicate the morality of nations. For example, what exactly was the threat by Iraq to America’s vital interests? Was the American response morally justified? Why was this military response found acceptable by a majority in Congress? Were these questions analyzed by American citizens? If not, why not?

According to Dewey, every situation ought to be judged on the uniqueness of the situation itself. There are no moral absolutes as with religious dogma. Dr. Dewey was a pragmatist, a democratic humanist who ironically saw a need for religious faith as a control for the masses. With the war in Iraq, however, these opposing and seemingly contradictory statements seem to clash. What solves this moral paradox is the "intention result model" so common in philosophy. What was the intention of President Bush in ordering the invasion of Iraq? Now, what is the result of that intention?

Man is often corrupted by social forces, according to Reinhold Niebuhr. An infant sees light without absolutes in regard to moral reasoning. But after years of existence, the light turns dark as a shroud of social and cultural opinion arrest moral growth. Politicians by nature seek compromise whereas morality is uncompromising. Therefore, politicians are immoral. With regard to Iraq, perhaps the lowest level of moral stratification is reserved for those who seek only to democratize a sovereign state or prostitute its economy. Is this the morality of Christ?

In conclusion, there have been horrific moral falsehoods perpetrated upon the American people by an administration many rank lower than that of President Warren Harding. But, just like sex, Christ sells in our great land. Christ is absolute and his teachings have been used as weaponry against perception. We have bankrupted our nation in a moral sense since liquid seeks its own level. As French President Jacques Chirac has said, "Iraq is the biggest mistake in the two hundred plus year history of the United States." And to that I say, oui, Monsieur le President.

Daniel J. Smiechowski--San Diego Columnist California Chronicle

Original article is here.

A few weeks ago at the University of California San Diego during a public debate for Mayor, a telling sign emerged with regard to the political philosophy of Candidate Jerry Sanders. When posed a question regarding The City of San Diego supporting a Federal Department of Peace, Mr.Sanders appeared uncomfortable and avoided a clear cut yes answer. This non violent proposal would strengthen ties with both our allies and adversaries throughout the world. That is, if we believe that peace and not violence is our strength. There is currently both a House Resolution and Companion Bill in The Upper Chamber promoting such Department within our Federal Government. Why is it that the very mention of a Department of Peace evokes images of unpatriotic and left leaning radicals? Do we not pride ourselves in our so-called peaceful society? Why do Democratic Politicians espouse nonviolence through federal mandates while their colleagues on the right leave it to the individual? We do not allow carcinogens in our water supply by appealing to singular individuals but rather consider the welfare of our Nation as a whole. Speaking of America, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg would be run out of town on a rail for refusing to support a Federal Department of Peace. Are the millions of Conservative Catholics and other religious devotees asleep in their pews or do they truly believe in the teachings of Christ? Not long ago, it was the late Pope John Paul II who had admonished President Bush not to invade Iraq but rather strive for peace. Is this why we Americans have so quickly forgotten the work of Mother Theresa and The Holy Pontiff himself. I believe that Mr. Sanders was fearful of supporting such a measure on grounds based in political-philosophy The GOP, at least for several generations has viewed the work of peacemakers as being strangely subversive to America's vital interests. There exist many San Diegans who share this twisted view of peace not being patriotic. Maybe it stems from the fact that the United States has not won a major world conflict since WWII. They are for the most part, a belligerent group of flag wavers concealed as always calm and in control. Nothing could be further from the truth. Raining bombs on a sovereign non culpable third world country is no ones idea of control except maybe a bull in a china shop. These folks fail to recognize why a Badger fights ferociously when cornered. Maybe if Mr. Sanders examined his own human condition coupled with a grain of philosophical self examination, he would then see the rainbow of peace across our great nation. Our City Fathers would do us all a favor, as did many municipalities in our great land , by endorsing the concept of a Federal Department of Peace. But, I am afraid this is too much to ask of leaders paralyzed by fear of the badger. Ironically, San Diego's Military has the most to gain from such proposal. Is there a better deterrent to unnecessary war than peace? Daniel J. Smiechowski

Mexico's leftist candidate for President vows to help the poor and elderly, to clean up corruption and to not be a puppet of George W. Bush. Newly elected Presidents of Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain and Norway elect likewise. All these countries have participated in free and open democratic elections. The Palestinian Territories have within the last few days elected an avowed terrorist organization to lead their people, all through the democratic process.Meanwhile, the world's largest Communist State, China, finds it's standard of living rising faster than an Atlas Rocket due in large measure to cheap Chinese Exports touted by The Bush Administration as benefiting the American Consumer. Despite their loss, liberals still hold a fighting position in Canada's Parliament as well as in Germany. Why this tilt toward the state and away from the individual. It has to do with the pit bull on the block or what is perceived as America's King Tut Syndrome. Teddy Roosevelt may have been right by living up to the moniker of "the twentieth century belonging to America." President Roosevelt was consumed by an expansionist view of world affairs.But a century later, the rhetoric inside the beltway with respect to world opinion is akin to a " Tail bites dog." philosophy. The George W. Bush Doctrine of personal empowerment, preemptive strike and free market excess overlooks the moral and ethical implications upon both the state and world itself. Additionally, while America touts the evil doers of September 11 as enemies of freedom, the rest of the planet asks a very wise question. That is, why would anyone commit such an horrendous crime? Expressions of nationalism are to be expected when a nations security is under siege. The American Experience in Iraq is much similar to The Vichy Regime in France during 1940-44.That is,The United States much like the German Occupation of France during the Second World War is considered an unwelcome force. Wise men understand however, the need to cultivate one's own garden. Our Federal Government's response to the horrors and ravages of Hurricane Katrina was a call to arms by leftist candidates throughout the world. We are in essence, the poster child for everything the world seeks to abolish including corporate and government corruption, lack of affordable healthcare, raping of the environment, cultural insensitivity and decreasing civil liberties. The recent election of so-called socialist leaders throughout the world is ironically a backlash to a foreign policy meant to protect and preserve our Republic. Furthermore, countries such as Spain, Poland and Italy are now gradually withdrawing their troops from Iraq. These countries were prostituted by America's Foreign Policy blunders and now see our government for it's true colors and it is not pretty folks. If charity begins at home then let us protect America from within by reason, lessons from the past, a collaboration of ideas presented by the world body politic together with America's wise men. It was not long ago that our great beloved nation aspired and attained greatness throughout the world. The horrifying events of 9-11 have propelled these great United States into a moral, ethical and legal free fall that can only be reconciled at the ballot box. See you in November. Daniel J. Smiechowski

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