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I fear the UN won't be able to stabalise Haiti anymore than they managed to stabalize Somalia, Congo or Kosovo. LAVALAS loyalists remain hell-bent on slaughtering as many FRAPP supporters as possible (and vice versa).

When Bush finally realises that general elections in Haiti are every bit as uncertain and fraught with peril as those scheduled for Iraq, only then will a force equal to the task of stabalising that country be deployed. And, let's face it, this is as much an American problem as it is a Haitian one.

Stabilize Haiti? If the US and UN had any intention of stablizing Haiti, wouldn't they have supported the freely elected democratic government and sent the murderous rebels packing? But no, the gang of criminals and known murderers has been given control of Haiti after the US collaborated in getting the elected President Aristede to "flee", and the UN is working with the US and the rebel forces to suppress those who supported the political party that won the elections and was in power.

This is how we support democracy and human rights? The UN should be ashamed of its role in Haiti and should either demand free and fair elections ASAP with no further suppression of Lavalas, and with criminal investigations of the main rebel leaders, or it should get out.

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