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"Andy Stern of the SEIU is quoting Marx and talking about taking on global corporations by organizing globally.  I'd be standing in support of that idea."

In favor of Marxism?

Well, I guess we can all be poor and miserable together

I guess Bagley is a devotee of "capitalism" which has long since been proven to be a complete failure; a useful idiot parroting propaganda after it's sell by date.

".... long since been proven to be a complete failure..."

By what objective -- let me say it again, objective -- measure.

And while you are at it, please do identify for me one Marxist nation that can be considered a success.....by any measure.

(And I am well aware of ol' Karl's "progression" to the Communist state. I still have my three volume set of Das Kapital, printed in the Soviet Union, and with my notes in the margins: I taught a seminar class in Marxist economics in college.)

So again, please explain the successes of Marx...in the real world.

And while I am re-visiting this site,

"... is reminding anyone who cares to listen that unions gave us our middle class."

Is a falsehood.

Care to discuss?

LOL. The troll is trolled.

So you can write more than two lines on a subject. Gotcha! Man, what a pathetic troll you are. "Care to discuss?" Are you kidding? What in your long track record of disingenuous dogged one-liner snipes would lead me to believe you would ever "discuss" anything?

What the heck are you here for anyway?

Why do you pretend to be even more dumb than you likely are --- like that stupid comment about the picture of the 1963 march? You can't have been serious. Why did you say that?

I suspect if you actually could "discuss" anything seriously you'd be a valuable addition to any liberal site but as it is the only way you'd be useful is if Robin set up a swear box that people had to contribute a dollar to every time they reply to you. Although even then she wouldn't get much...

And anyone awake over the last decade or so knows capitalism has failed.

A swear box! That is a fucking great idea. Oh, no it isn't.

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