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It really is just a matter of time before I start making public statements that attract the attention of the Secret Service. I mean, I know me.

Chris, they'll be too busy flying over here and demanding the British govt release me into their custody.

Meanwhile, I've remembered something about the deputy director of FEMA.

He used to be in charge of photo ops for the campaign. He was director of advance operations.

I worked with the advance people for the Dean campaign. That's what we did, basically. Arrange everything to be the perfect photo op.

Sounds like he's doing exactly what he was hired to do.

Well as Ari Fleisher so famously advised us, "people have to watch what they say and watch what they do." I never thought he was kidding.

Kathy - I didn't know that about the horse lawyer. Stuff is making more sense now.

I wish somebody had filled up his mother's breach with concrete.

You're blaming his mother?!

How is it that whenever a man acts like an idiot, we always somehow get around to blaming a woman for it?

Nasty, Neil. Knock it off.

I think he was just wishing BushCo had never been born and picked a particularly uncomfortable way to say it.

Especially considering the fact that vasectomizing GHWB would have been funnier and apropos.

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