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I've been surprised by the large number of diaries and articles on the march this time. I don't know if the size of the march in Washington was that big but the size of it's blog presence, is much greater, I think, than previous marches. How odd, but welcome.

I think this will be good practise for next week's flu awareness week. The march almost became a colaborative effort, before and after. There's even something collective about the dumb asses who are now busy slagging off ANSWER and also those who are wandering if marches achieve anything.

I marching mostly does effect those who march these days, which is why you rightly say it's a privilege. It's too expensive for me to go to DC. OTOH I don't need to be told about Haiti and I can donate funds enough to help get others there.

Maybe the blogosphere needs to think about these things though because for all the community aspects of some parts of the blogosphere there's nothing like meeting up with people to encourage collaboration.

I've been quite depressed at just how insistent the know-nothing anti-ANSWER crowd has been this time though. It reinforces just how much education work remains to be done. The blogosphere seems less a group of people willing to work towards a common goal than a lot of children.

I think the various skeptics and naysayers have never had a clear idea of what it means to have a demonstration or be in one. It doesn't mean 'relentlessly on message', it doesn't mean 'focus group tested', it doesn't mean 'me and 300,000 other people agree on every element of a 13 point plan.'

The chant 'this is what democracy looks like' was pretty appropriate: a little disorganized, a little combative, and even a little wacky sometimes, but also more committed, informative, and inspiring than top-down media or political campaigns. It's a place and time to register your decision to join others at that place and time. I think it's not so much an effort to persuade onlookers as it is a chance to show them and yourself how many of you there are, and how spirited you are about it.

Thomas wrote: It doesn't mean 'relentlessly on message', it doesn't mean 'focus group tested', it doesn't mean 'me and 300,000 other people agree on every element of a 13 point plan.'

Here, here.

David: Flu week will be important. It's a good chance to wake up the corporate media. But there's so much money is managing the panic that you can be they'll stay off the story.


I'm so glad you experienced this. Sometimes, it's all about showing up and sharing the experience. My life was fundamentally altered by the Vietnam teach-ins and the March on Washington. Unfortunately, I was too wasted to go to ths Stones concert in 1972 in DC when the revolution was supposed to start. If I had shown up, our history might have been different.

Hey Aeolus :) The Stones are on tour again - you may have a second chance.

Thanks for this post, eRobin.

it was pandemonium with ~300,000 out there! indeedy, too bad we didn't get a chance to march together in DC, but hey, we got Philly! wonderful shot of Camp Casey, i didn't make it to that section of the mall.


I envy you; it must have been an uplifting experience, one of those times when enough people are untied in the same cause and you feel you really can change the world. If I lived in the US I would have tried very, very hard to get there.

I was on the London march against the Iraq War 3 years ago; it was one of the biggest peaceful demos in British history, and as a seasoned political campagner (show me a liberal banner and I'll wave it)it really felt like a wide range of every class and race in the community were united in demanding peace. It didn't seem possible that our so-called elected representatives could ignore us.

And the rest is history. I really hope that your weekend of demonstrations make more of a difference than ours; the political climate in the US is ripe for change at the moment, I feel, don't you? Sindy Sheehan is headlinging the news even in the UK, more power to her elbow, and there's a constant undercurrent that Bush and his pals are clinging on by the skin of their political teeth. Let's hope, eh?


Tried to trackback to your story but Haloscan is fuxed. So here.

Got pix to send to you, too. It was a wonderful time.

Good on you for going to DC on 24 September and for providing links in this post, Robin! And shame on James Wolcott for his piece on the march and on atrios/Duncan for his complete silence on this event!
Keep up the good fight!

"My life was fundamentally altered by the Vietnam teach-ins and the March on Washington. Unfortunately, I was too wasted to go to ths Stones concert in 1972 in DC when the revolution was supposed to start."

Stuck in the 60s.

Oh, and by the way, the revolution did start: re-education camps in Vietnam, two million dead people in Cambodia, untold misery for millions more.

"... I was too wasted..."

Well that may explain why you fail to remember.

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