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I want my unverifiable vote to count. Two or three times.

Then vote Republican!

Cheney's going nowhere. Geez, stop with the delusions. At WORST, they can say that Libby and/or Rove tried to "cover up" a non-criminal act (fear? confusion?) and one or both would resign. AT WORST, but it's *highly* unlikely. Furthermore, how does this in ANY way tie into Cheney? Cheney is a teddy bear and certainly not the type to get revenge. He'd be 10 times more likely to punch Joe Wilson than screw with his wife. Cheney is one of the good guys, regardless of how you want to demonize Rove.

I feel dizzy after reading that last comment, "Cheney is one of the good guys." a.) He is? and b.) there's more "good guys" just like him? Good Lord, no.

My guesses for post-Dick VP: Condi (you've got the Friend Of W. and the unassailable female pick action combined) or Jeb (because Barbara demands it, dammit!). I'm thinking Condi gets the edge for the big Bush screw you to those who have dared question his Miers pick.

If I had to move off Man-on-Dog, I'd pick Andrew Card over Condi. I can't see them blowing the whole Southern Strategy just to try to get their AfAm numbers into the double digits. The trade off isn't worth it for them. Now, if Condi were a latino minister maybe ...

Now, if Condi were a latino minister maybe ...

Alberto? shudder

I think Powell might make sense from the old Republican point of view -- he could be tough to beat in 08. But it's not the old Republican party any more. It's Dubya's and Rove's and Dobson's.

Dubya wouldn't do it on his own because Colin's a bigger star than he is, and would clearly be the man on the white horse, saving Bush's little ass.

And even if he wanted to, Dobson would scream bloody murder because Colin doesn't (seem to?) be a radical cleric hem-kisser.

The latter might be the problem with Condi, too, but I think Bush is more comfortable with her, she's nice and deferential to him.

However, we're counting our next vice presidential chickens before the current one kicks the bucket in one way or another. John Dean is saying he thinks Fitz will just close up the office next week, no indictments.

Hey Thomas :)

Dubya wouldn't do it on his own because Colin's a bigger star than he is, and would clearly be the man on the white horse, saving Bush's little ass.

Absolutely. I hadn't thought of that. And you're right about the hem kissing. Powell is pro-choice. But that shouldn't worry anyone since he has no real principals.

I'm very nervous that Fitzmas will never come and so I haven't written about it. I think Cheney is out no matter what so they can run an incumbant in '08.

As for Cheney's replacement, hasn't your queen mother still got some other brats to get crowned?

I note that John is throwing away all pretense of principle here. Outing a CIA agent isn't a crime he says? He makes a good point about going after someone's family members though: even the mob doesn't do that. These Republicans are just disgusting. Oh I'm sorry -- was I "demonizing" them?

Once again party loyalty means everything and principle means nothing eh John? You're a fool. At least when Robin chucks away principle to support the feminists she knows they aren't laughing at her. Hope you like that king sized deficit King George is giving you.

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