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Talking of acts of justice, what do you think about the circus act of Saddam's trial? I wonder if the timing was contived to try and calm Iraqis after the election fraud.

But if I was an Iraqi I'd be very angry about the US invaders presuming to try Saddam for a "crime" of killing 100-odd people after they were involved in a plot against the head of state.... when US soldiers kill double that number every day. It's nothing but an insult to Iraq. The US is rubbing their noses in it. Still I can see how the US administration is so involved in their own lies that they'd convince themselves this would help.

I wonder if there will be more links between the small crimes of the Iraqi president and the large crimes of Bush as both of these criminal cases move forward.

I wonder if there will be more links between the small crimes of the Iraqi president and the large crimes of Bush as both of these criminal cases move forward.

They'll kill him long before that can happen. That's why this trial is only for whatever it's for - very limited. And they're going crazy trying to limit what he's allowed to say in court. He's not allowed to - wait for it - ... politicize the trial.

He's a monster and he needs to be put in prison, but it would be great if his related monsters could take the fall as well.

I think the Saddam trial will be an injury to justice. I'd sooner he not go to jail than this farce be played out.

If this was a precedent that would lead to other world leaders being put on trial then it would be worth something. As it is this is nothing but a criminal killing used as propaganda and media control.

A man will be killed for ratings. That's not a good thing.

You know, the unfortunate thing for the left is that they think Bush et al are criminals and YET, there's nothing under which they can be punished. DeLay will not be found guilty, he didn't actually break the law. Libby and Rove won't be indicted, let alone found guilty because...wait for it......THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL!!! Plame doesn't fall under the statute by definition. Therefore, it wouldn't have been a crime even if they did it on purpose (which they didn't - Republicans aren't that stupid).

Liberals need to pick up a law book. I have a bunch I could lend out if you guys want to find out why Republicans don't get busted and Democrats do. God, no wonder Democrats are so wracked with actual scandal! You don't understand the law. You just think calling someone a criminal makes them one. Good luck with that in court!

A man will be killed for ratings. That's not a good thing.

I definitely want him in jail but I think executing him is a huge mistake - right up there with disbanding the Iraqi army after the mission was accomplished.

Let's skip the middle-man here. I'm going to take it as read that John and I go back and forth over his idiotic claims (above) until he demonstrates he cannot or will not defend them at all. Then John pretends he just can't talk to me and gives up.

There. That saves everyone involved some time :)

For the record, the classical translation of schadenfreude isn't very accurate. It's actually a genre of satire, not a description of evil people getting off on the miseries of oithers. In this country, we call it 'black humor'. Mark Twain, Bruce Jay Friedman, and others have all written fiction that is black humor. It doesn't mean 'laughing at tragedy' so much as it means 'finding humor in the responses to tragedy', which is a vastly different thing.

What you're complaining about isn't schadenfreude, it's gloating.

Hey Mick :) It may be an appropriate term to use, but it connotes gloating and we should stay away from it for that reason.

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