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It sounds like Gillette is simply following the example set years ago by higher education. As much as 15 years ago, colleges and universities began relying on part-time, adjunct faculty members to teach courses at all levels from intro to graduate school. Part-time faculty members have no benefits, little to no access to secretarial and support services and often no office space for holding office hours and meeting with students. Whereas a full-time, tenure-track assistant profession might have had a starting salary of $40,000 ten years ago for teaching 5 classes, a part-timer would typically receive under $2,000 per course. And not be eligible for membership in the faculty teachers union.
On the plus side, part-timers were generally exempt from the academic advising, research, committee commitments and "publish or perish" requirements expected of full-time faculty.
Part-time teaching was attractive to the universities for obvious financial reasons and was recommended to women, like myself, who had small children. And sometimes it makes sense for schools to hire people employed in the private sector to teach advanced students in their field. But many schools exploited the part-time system to avoid filling vacant tenure-track positions.
The same thing happened in business, with self-employed consultants and temps being hired indefinitely to fill permanent positions.
I'm surprised it's taken so long for industry to follow suit.

Hey Kel :) You're so right. We call that process "jobbing out." My husband's former company has decided to run all their plants with skeleton crews and job out everything they can - including the engineering, which has had disastrous results.

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