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This is the much more crucial issue than the civil liberties issue, which is not insignificant of course. But despite all of this power that BushCo has grabbed over the past five years, they haven't been able to do jack shit with it.

Little OT link which might shed some light on the British attitude to seperation of church and state.

Over Half Schools in England and Wales Break Law on Prayer

David, I was listening to that being discussed yesterday. It still shocks me when I realize I live in a theocracy. You'd hardly notice, except for some bizarre stuff like that.

I wonder if any Americans remember the reason their forefathers left this country.

They is too busy spying on political dissenters to keep track of regulated explosives.

Seriously, why would they want to spy on us when they worked so hard to make sure that Sibel Edmonds couldn't speak at all?

I thought the diarist had an interesting point of view:

Personally I am all for it as the imposed ACW invariably means churches empty apart from for weddings, funerals and Christmas but a majority population that seems to have vaguely assimulated most of the ethical teaching, considers themselves Christian but fail to actually attend the institutions.

Rove understood that too and provided the Christian martyrs he courts with a battle to fight. Now the RWNM exists largely to stoke those flames. It's treasonous if you ask me.

Granny: You never know who's getting spied on. Remember when the gov't requested those names from some peace group? I can't remember the details right now. I bet that goes on much more often than we can imagine. I think I'll be going to Camp Wellstone in January (if they still have room). You can bet that those names will be collected by some nefarious agency of the feds or the GOP.

I'm not sure if the extremely low level of religion in the UK is because of the state church or not but it's quite possible.

As I recall the theory is that you have a fake head of state (Queen) with no powers because that's better than having a real elected one who will think they have a license to do... well see Bush for an example.

You have a fake senate (House of Lords) that even contains bishops of the state church and some landed gentry, because then they know they are so ridiculous that they will only be tolerated by ocassionally doing some real good. The bishops for example are very anti-war. They represented Britain and opposed Blair far more than the elected House of Commons did.

And you have a fake state church that also has no power, once again to prevent a real religion taking that place. It eliminates all that hassle you have over separation of church and state without any of the down side of having a real religion dominating (which would be Islam if anything I think, these days).

It's the principle of innoculation: a weakened form of the problem is fought off and that means the real problem can't arise.

Ironic that a title like "schools break law on prayer" would mean in America that they are praying when they shouldn't be and in Britain it means they aren't praying when they should be. But there's no doubt which one sends the message that religion is a boring chore more effectively to my mind.

Another way Britain's mandatory religion policy tends to undermine religion is that everyone's so multicultural. If you get taught about all sort of religions you come away thinking they must all be wrong (or even worse -- that they are all right). At best it puts learning christianity in the same category as learning geography of Spanish. NOT inspiring to a life of faith.

But whether all this is caused by or causes Britains extreme unreligious nature I couldn't say.

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