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Yep. Electing Casey does NOTHING about stopping the confirmation of Bush nominations like Alito. So I don't really understand how much good it does to have him on board.

It advances the corporate Dem agenda and futher solidifies single-party rule, which is why all the money is behind him.

No, you're not alone. I am sick to death of this party selling us down the river.

(BTW, my e-mail is brilliantatbreakfast at gmail ....you know how to put it together, I think....I'm just making sure that the bots don't find it.)

May 16!

I put the 17th because it's the day after the primary. Casey is just praying to be able to get through the primary. Then he feels like the Dems will really have no choice but to vote for him. I hope it doesn't come to that but if it does, he's in for a big surprise.

This whole post is right on the money and my favorite line is "I don't like to sit down and shut up while yet another "grown up" sells my interests out in some cross-party corporate borgy of assimilation."

Me neither. Go Chuck Pennacchio!

What's really depressing is that when you compare the positions that were used to base the poll on Casey is almost identical to Man-on-Dog and less liberal than the other Republican.

In short there will be two Republican candidates to choose from and they will both be extremists, not even a choice of a moderate Republican.

So how come Kos seems unaware of these figures?

very good post, thanks...


Kos' position is that Chuck and Sandals aren't "viable." He's bought into that magic fairy tale about the moderate Republicans and Conservative Dems who want to vote to get rid of Roe but find Santorum to wacko. Casey is quite literally Santorum-lite.

The worst part of the that strategy is that the big thinkers are taking my vote for granted to the most extreme degree and nothing makes me - and hundreds of thousands like me - angrier than that.

Saw the good news on Booman so jumped over here. Thought I'd find a happy blog. I'm from Ohio (where we've got enough problems of our own) but donated again to Chuck just yesterday. Keep up the good work! Kos will eat his words. He needs a little reality orientation.

Happy blog indeed, Psyche! Glad you bopped over :)

While I appreciate the community that Kos has created, some of his views tend to be a little too "inside the beltway" for my tastes. Ironic, since I'm the one inside the beltway.

I'll add that I met Chuck at the Philly Drinking Liberally. Great guy, and I'm going to go slip him a few bucks.

Hey Hippo, glad to hear it. I think his fundraising got a fair boost from the poll results. Nothing succeeds like success.

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