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Well, I could not agree more, eRobin! When are certain Dems going to grow some spine? The 'next time' perhaps ..

When backs are broken, spinal cords don't regenerate. Lesson: We need to face reality. We can't reform these guys. We need to kick them out and replace them with people who aren't wobbly.

I was just coming over here to say it: this would be a great time to post a Pennacchio dairy at dKos.

All the defeatists are saying that we have to carry on supporting Democrats. But to avoid the wrath of the mob they have to pretend that they want to encourage more progressive Dems as well as just "more" of the same.

So why are they supporting Alito-voting Casey when polls show he's behind Pennacchio anyway as soon as voters are told he's pro-life, anti-stem cell and pro-Iraq war?

Because he can win! La la la la la!

I have respect for Byrd. He's still about the most reliable defender of law and order and the US constitution in congress. Whatever he did it wasn't because of pressure or corruption.

However I don't think he's a Democrat.

I suppose the point is about half of them are not on "our side".

Well, if Byrd's a defender of law and order and the Constitution _and_ voted for Alito, he's a fool -- a preening, pompous fool.

Fool maybe. Preening no.

He thinks Alito won't support the royal president. I guess we will all get a good front row seat to see if he was right.

Maybe he is. I suspect these candidates Bush is pushing are mainly for pro-corporate fuck the little guy decisions. The in and out decisions that the SC makes all the time and get no press coverage.

Why rock the corporate boat with shit about abortion or Bush's C-in-C narcissism? There's no profit in it for elites.

Wouldn't that explain the general lack of oposition?

Who knows? There's a total disconnect between the blogosphere and the people they wish to influence. We need "lobbying for dummies" or something.

If there's one word that describes Byrd, it is preening and no pun intended. Have you ever seen him on the floor?

I think you're right about Alito though. I've said all along that he will be confirmed because he is the choice of the people who really run the country.

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