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They do (reduce stress)? I thought that was little furry animals.


that incessant chirping would drive me to murder. if you like that, more power to ya!

My god, people. When I said "advice" I meant a cheerful acceptance and encouragement of my decision. Just like what BushCo means when he says it. Don't make me get the NSA after y'all.

Every Sunday my friends at Democracy for New Mexico do Sunday Bird Blogging with their parakeets. (I think that's what they are.) Check them out, and ask Barb for more information if you wish. She's a good friend and will be glad to advise.

That's a fantastic resource, Kathy. Thanks. The blogger is even into breeding her birds, something I want to avoid. I'll email her with some questions as soon as I can.

I had parakeets while growing up - they are very messy. No matter how you try to prevent it, stuff (feathers, seeds, seed shells, birdy-poo) ends up outside of the cage and all over the floor or on the wall... I would rather clean a catbox and occasional cat vomit than clean a bird cage, but, ymmv, and they are kind of cute.

Also, perfect place to put horrible newspaper articles. I'm still subscribing to the Post (really because it's my local paper and the local tidbits are useful), but I'm tempted to unsub quite frequently (naturally). If I could use it to line a birdcage.. oh.. that would be amusing..

Dirty??? That stinks.

I'm allergic to cats or we'd have one. I'm currently being terrorized by a mouse and on most days am willing to give up breathing without my inhaler nearby in order to get rid of it. Then I come to my senses.

How about a hairless cat?
Like Dr Evil.

I have one that's a real character. It "speaks" about 80 different phrases and a whole other bunch of scattered words. Only actually taught him a handful or so, the rest he got from hearing conversation and TV (hint:If you have a parakeet that talks don't watch three seasons of the Sopranos in front of it or you will end up with a parakeet that curses.)

If you get two, they will only learn bird sounds. They are extremely social creatures and will bond with the nearest living creature in the room. If that's you then it might try to communicate by emulating your sounds.

Don't clip its wings. Close the windows and doors and let it fly around occasionally—it's a bird. Yes, you will hear that this is potentially dangerous but if you use some common sense it's not and the bird gets some needed exercise and likes doing what it's made to do.

Get a good hand-held vacuum. Make sure the bottom of the cage has a drawer to change the paper. If you do this every day, with a quick vacuum of the surrounding area that won't take more than 60 seconds the bird will be just as clean as any other pet.

One caveat: These guys grow on you.

I say get a big cage and lots of toys.

I would get a parakeet or two but I've got my hands full with my chicksand ducks and geese and dogs and cat. Then there is all that grandma stuff.

Enjoy your birds, they are good companions.

Now we're thinking of getting a conure. I can't find out how to get one though.

Correction: not a conure. They cost a couple hundred bucks. I meant lovebirds.

Today I rediscovered that the so-called liberal blogosphere consists mainly of right to centre right people (as they would be recognised in any other country) who are by and large utter idiots.

I'm stressed out and the parakeet picture isn't doing much for me.

I think it's that blue and red ball.

But looks how happy the parakeet looks to have it.

Is there a parakeet equivalent of catnip?

Before you get a bird, read the Parrot's Bill of Rights, scroll down below the parrot's prayer.

They can operate on parrots' vocal chords??

I know. I'll be part of the whole bird breeding industry. I'm trying to find a small breeder so I'm out of the industrial loop but I just can't.

Ha. My pet can eat your pet.

OTOH I've not had anything to perch on my shoulder on 'Speak like a pirate day' since the racoon left.

That parakeet appears to be painted in UN colours Robin.

You wanna tell us about that?

ROFLMAO. He should stay away from BushCo, that's for sure.

I have two parakeets. They are fun to watch and I enjoy them. I do change the paper in the cage daily and vacuum and clean up around the cage every other day. It's not a big deal. They sing and chirp some, but not incessantly. I put a sheet over the cage at night and they are quiet. No worries. Great pets!

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