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If I was putting this article into a magazine I'd put this phrase in one of those side boxes,

"you don't want to sit on the phone for the next six years calling Sen. Bob Casey to beg him to vote like a Democrat"

Great quote. So when are you cross-posting this? Maybe put that last paragraph first and do work out how to put the logo up. Or put the Pennacchio "Party of No" quote up first. That's great.

You have a typo at, "if you want to be pround to say..."

As I understand it the other guy Hacket would have been up against is arguably more liberal than he is. Whereas Casey is arguably more liberal than Santorum. Still this is the first time you've conceeded that Casey could win the contest against Santorum so you're being extra nice to both candidates today. Very fair minded of you!

I actually live in Alabama but I'm told half of PA is like Alabama. One of my senators is such a nut case he attended one of those antiwar protests on the counter-protest side. Yeah him and two other people I think it was....

You're right. I did concede that and I was wrong to do so. Casey can't win - that's the subject of another post.

It was that idiot Carville who called PA "two big cities with Alabama in the middle." It's offensive to PA and Alabama and it's wrong. PA certainly has conservative sections but the state is nothing like Carville suggests. For Casey to build his strategy around that idea - hoping to win over Alabama-like Republicans while telling his base to stay home - is madness.

I knew when I typed the words "Sen. Casey" that I'd regret it. It felt so wrong.

Oh, on the Hackett race: I didn't have a dog in that fight although between Hackett and Brown, I was liking Brown more. My point is that that race is now an official trainwreck and opens up the storyline that the national party forced a vet out of the race. It would have been infinitely better to let the primary go forward and have the voters decide between two ostensibly good candidates.

I think they were willing to let the primary go forward...it was Hackett who pulled out, with no money, no experienced staff, and a poll showing him way behind Brown.

I should have put "they" in quotes. I've been a part of a campaign where the DCCC asked my candidate to pull out, early on, and he chose not to. No further pressure was put on after that, no support offered either.

No one can force another candidate out, except by challenging signatures, which happened to a third candidate in that race.

Good point, Kathy. I got the idea from what Hackett said that he was run off, which the party guys can certainly do. Something happened because the guy has said he will leave politics. He also seems to have a short temper though so it's hard to know what set him off. I still think that they were silly to do anything but keep him around until the primary because of the whole vet thing. They're silly to discourage any primary.

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