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I disagree. Not coincidentally we have the recent news that the Democrats are seen as more trusted on national security than the Republicans for the first time in God knows when.

The president is the most visible Republican and if he is seen as weak on defence then they all are.

And as for the idea that Bush would ever "take one for the team". Ye Gods!!! What were you thinking!? The guy's a psycho. Team? He literally doesn't know the meaning of the word.

But he's a coward so I think he would prefer to back down at this point except I'm not sure it's possible for him to.

I think this story (UAE) will be more damaging for the Republicans than anything since the Miers fiasco, possibly worse than that even. THAT is why Republicans are trying to get Bush to admit he was "wrong". And he wasn't wrong of course.... wow this is so ironic.

I don't know. Maybe you're right. I tend to give my enemies too much credit with stuff like this.

Do you know how this story broke? I was so busy with other stuff, I don't remember.

Thanks for posting this. Many of my liberal friends disagree with my theory. That's OK with me. However, this controversy bears watching closely.
...and I don't know that the Harriet Myers fiasco hurt Bush more than it helped the agenda. Look who made it to the Supreme Court.

So "thats my story and I'm sticking to it". A good many of my liberal friends disagree with my assessment, not all, but most. However, thinking out of the box is of critical importance these days. I do think that we should keep an eye on the Republicans on this one. I still have this gut feeling that in the end, the Republicans will end up smiling over this "fiasco".

Myers was toxic because it turned so many republicans against Bush. The worst thing before for that was probably the Shiavo thing. It doesn't matter what anyone but his base thinks because the rest of the country already thinks badly of him since either Katrina or way back.

When you have Republicans asking about the Impeachment of Bush-- yeah, that's not good news for the Republicans.

Specifically the reason is that most Republican politics rests on conning people into loyalty to the party. ANY ocassion to mistrust the party, even ONE issue where you are on the other side is enough to break out of that pattern of thinking and quit immidiately believing every piece of spin they put out.

For example if they lied about the ports, are they lying about Iraq? If they lied about Myers are they lying about healthcare? If they lied about one thing maybe all this stuff about corruption and the outing of the CIA agent are actually true?

Bush isn't going lower than 38% because his base is loyal. If this issue continues to blow up I would expect that to break. But as Kathy says, What Do I Know?

Normally I'd expect Bush to just back down but in this case it's really very hard to do so because - I can't even imagine what you'd do otherwise short of privitising huge numbers of industries. It really doesn't make much sense to oppose this deal. What's next? Do we start calling him on the fact that scores of FOREIGN companies fly airplanes across the border every day?

My observation is that when a right troll finally gets ONE argument right, instead of merely pretending to, they really fall in love with it. It's as if they want to say, "Sure everything else I say is a load of crap, but THIS TIME I'M RIGHT!!" and they are really proud of it.

I've heard it suggested Bush just isn't that concerned about 2006 because it won't effect his "legacy" the way 2008 would. Who was that? Hersh? Bush goes around telling the Republican congress that "the government" is doing fine and just trust him. He's not a team player

Finally Karl Rove has a lot on his plate right now and obviously (see the Cheney gun fiasco) is off his game and/or being ignored by others. But I don't remember this game play ever being used -- attack your own president to allow congress to look good?

That is used in the case of puppet governments that need to pretend to be independent. In fact it's a classic in that context. But I don't think it's ever been tried domestically because you want the impression of a unified party all the time.

Bush would never take one for the team. Not now, not ever, not never. In Bushworld, it's all about Bush. Bush is Job #1. Democracy is on the march, towards the light at the end of the tunnel, which turns out to be a train.

But for the fact that Hillary Clinton has introduced legislation to block the sale of managing the ports...

"...legislation being introduced by Senators Robert Menendez and Hillary Clinton to block the sale of U.S. port operations to foreign governments....Menendez and Clinton announced on Friday, February 17 that they would introduce legislation to ban companies owned by foreign governments from controlling operations at U.S. ports."

From and unimpeachable source: http://clinton.senate.gov/news/statements/details.cfm?id=251764&&

You might actually be able to convince people that it is a Republican diversion:

"...better diversion than to allow all the Republican Congressmen and women to pretend that the United Arab Emirates port buyout is a major security issue?"

Bush down to 34% and the reason is suspected to be this ports scandal where a majority of Republicans oppose him.

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