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Does Bono have three arms or is it four? Photo isn't quite clear.

In not entirely unrelated news HuffPost reveals that the republicans are their own opposition now and it seems this dKos diarist agrees.

I think he's putting his upper right arm on Bush's shoulder while his lower right shakes hands.

And now for the latest BS that pissed me off. Kos says,

"Oh, and people ask about the $0.01. Really, that's no longer necessary -- the important thing is that campaigns realize where their money is coming from -- special and corporate interests or regular people. And only regular people give $25, or $50, or $100 contributions."

What a rightwing moron. The whole point is that ordinary people's contributions can be safely ignored or credited to your successful advertising campaign not acknowledged as a group with interests and demands of its own.

Bang goes about the only smart idea Kos ever had. How are the Democrat party leaderds supposed to recognise the power of the blogs if they can't even see what money is coming from us? Goddam idiot.

The ONLY reason it wouldn't be necessary is if you are donating to a cause you figure already represents you so well you trust whatever they do --- for example Pennacchio. Even then they'd probably appreciate knowing.

Kos' comment doesn't even make f**king sense. Does he really think that when he first suggested this that people really were in danger of confusing blogosphere donations with corporate donations? Strikes me the corporation in addition to giivng more would give in a more underhanded way to avoid the law and DUH they would absolutely make sure the beneficiary knew what was expected for the donation -- THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT.

parakeet .....

That multi-arm effect is his shout out to Shiva, who was otherwise ignored during the prayer breakfast.

Helpful hint: Kos cares about the Important Shit. I don't have the magic Important Shit decoder ring that allows me to know what that is day to day so I stick to core Democratic principles instead.

Betty Friedan, feminist, died today. No doubt we'll hear a lot about her. What you probably won't hear elsewhere is that she was a spouse beater.

Judge draws attention for harsh language slamming new bankruptcy law

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