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The difference between Ciro and Chuck? Just a few...

First, Ciro has already been elected. People know him well, he was just redistricted into a competetive race, and barely lost it. Unless I am mistaken, he was the head of the Congressional Hispanic caucus. Chuck is unknown, and losing by 65 points in the latest poll.

Second, and related, is that the potential impact of the blogosphere is much larger in helping Ciro. He is running for an office that requires much less money, and, given that he is close to winning generally, the netroots can help put him over the top. How can you realistically say that about Chuck? Put it like this: the netroots love for Hackett could not match extablished funders, how do you expect it to save Chuck, who has no similar sized following, no similar compelling personal story (Marine goes to Iraq, comes back and opposes war), and not nearly the same name recognition.

Third, and, one that I dont fully buy: If Ciro wins, we automatically get a Dem, because there is no Republican running. But, if Chuck wins, he is going to have to beat Santorum. While that may seen easy, Santorum is no idiot, and whoever the candidate is, is going to have a hard time. I am not sure whether I agree, but many people in the netroots think Santorum would clock Chuck, if it came down to it.

Hi Danielua,

To take your points in order:

1. I'm with you on the name rec but that's a relatively easy problem to solve. I don't buy that poll. jpol has a good diary at dKos about it today.

2. I don't pick my battles that way. Casey is bad for the country and bad for the party. Chuck is good for the country and good for the party. People who belive that have to find a way to get Chuck elected. If someone has money to spare, that's great. I will encourage them to give it to Chuck.

3. This is "electibility." My stand on that is firm: Casey can't win - mostly becuase the GOP will stay with their guy and because there are a lot of people like me who will either sit the race out or vote for Man-on-Dog. So if we're going after electibility, we have no choice but to try to beat Santorum with someone who isn't him. That means Chuck - or Alan Sandals - but my guy is Chuck.

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