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I suppose anyone attending could be assumed to already have a certain level of involvement.... what's needed more is the same sort of boosting on the blogosphere level rather than the local level -- or do you disagree?

I would think that the blogosphere is the entry level (reading without commenting) and that by the time you are physically attending meetings you might already be assumed to have done some of this other stuff. In other words I'd say that local involvement is already higher up the pole...?

I suppose anyone attending could be assumed to already have a certain level of involvement.... what's needed more is the same sort of boosting on the blogosphere level rather than the local level -- or do you disagree?

The kids attending were ready to get active and in some cases were on a small level, but I think they needed more nuts and bolts direction and definitely more encouragement if they were already involved. Clinton actually did some of that in her speech, but since she spoke in such empty language, I had a hard time crediting it.

As for the blogosphere's worth - don't get me started. I'm in a very dark place right now when it comes to the efficacy of blogging.

You're upset about the paucity of response to your "Ask Ned Anything" diary?

I think dark days are pretty usual. There's a tendency to desire revolutionary answers but these things tend to be slow and incremental (at best). The dKos diaries would probably take you about a year to get to the stage where a large number of people read your stuff.

But not everyone has what it takes to get there at all, and not everyone frankly would do much substantially new if they got there.

I don't understand why these 'A' list bloggers don't do more to encourage participation. That's what you're saying about this local meeting too. It's a puzzle. It's enormously frustrating sometimes for me to see these inefficiencies and you stuck with a minor audience currently -- I'm sure it's worse for you.

One explanation would be that most people suck at encouragement -- don't even understand the need for it a lot of the time. Just don't see it.

As I have said before consistently -- you do. If that is a rare attribute then all the more reason for you to try and build up more of a following.

Unfortunately the alternative -- which would be to try and get the 'A' listers to see the importance of this stuff and teach them -- well I don't think it's so easy to teach. A lot of the encouragement you give seems to be a result of your own personality and activism locally - your enthusiasm and example.

Of course for me there are two other reasons it would be good to see you get more of a folowing: (1) because you connect the dots and (2) because you're extreme left. Those however wouldn't make you almost unique.

I'm sure it's worse for you.

I honestly only care about my powerlessness when it comes to eVoting, which, as you know, I think is the most important crisis facing the country today. Other than that it's all ego.

The Pennacchio thing bugs me too enormously but slightly less than the lack of attention to eVoting.

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