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But why does she have to make that racist sexist comment in there? I'm a white male. She's telling me I'm a piece of shit because I happen to have been born like some other people. As if all "white males" think alike and are all guilty for the crimes supposedly commited by any of them.

And in fact of course it wasn't just "white males" who made that decision anyway. Another irony is that "white males" --- normal white males, not people in power but average joes --- just happen to be the biggest supporters of the actions she's taking (or at least abortion rights in general), and the birth group most likely to support abortion.

She says this because she knows that there's a wide grouping of other racist and sexist people out there, so-called progressives, that just lap this kind of talk up. It's disgusting.

Consider the source. Here's an interview with her if you're interested. I won't discuss it futher. You can ask her why she chose those words.

Here's a story from Baptist Press News that crows about the 11 out of 16 female legislators in SD who supported the abortion ban.

Yes it seems that it was the women pushing for this and the opposition came mostly from men. White men. And this nice piece of sexism was in the article;

Upon seeing a photo of the signing, Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman wrote: "It's a single-sex class photo of men making laws governing something they will never have: a womb."

She ought to have said:

"It's a single-sex class photo of men making laws governing something they will never have: reproductive rights."

Or the right to decide for themselves if they are ready for the heavy burden of being a parent. The right to determine for themselves and of their own free will one of the most important steps any person can enter into in their lives. A basic huuman right that Goodman haughtily laughingly denies to most of the nation. She's as bad as the pro-life bunch -- worse in fact, much worse. At least pro-life don't want to deny people their basic human rights but feel they have to to save what they see as a life. They don't hypocritically pretend to be in favour of "choice" while doing so either. Nor do they joke about how they are denying people's rights.

Anyway thanks for finding that piece. That was very interesting.

I don't know what you mean by saying "Consider the source". You didn't include a link to the interview. What she said is no different from what the majority of women in the pro- no-choice-for-men movement say. I hope you didn't mean to imply that as a native American she gets to make racist comments?

A typically bigoted piece - the dKos diary I mean. Well at least I don't have to worry about this issue -- since I'm an evil MAN an all that, an evil WHITE man at that. Since I'm apparently the ENEMY in the so-called "war on women".

Really Robin take if from someone who knows --- when you have no reproductive rights at all you hardly miss them. But then I've never had any, so how could I miss them... I supppose it would be harder if all my life I'd been told it was my "equal" right to plan for a familly.

Incidentally Alabama is now introducing one of these unconstitutional laws to ban abortion.

Maybe I should get the guys together to try and bring back getting drunk and beating wives to death. According to that bigoted diary that's something else men love to do in their war on women. Who knew. I always thought men loved their wives.

It's really fucking hard to have any sympathy for a human rights cause that's championed by bigots. And this crap is so utterly common that it literally passes without comment all over the so-called progressive blogs. Can you imagine a world so sexist against women that it could be littered with diaries all calling women evil bitches and nobody ever even noticing it?

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