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i know you are involved in the electronic voting stuff. have you gone to blackboxvoting.org. and looked at the red "one on one" consulting tab on the left side of the screen?
they can frequently offer coaching advice on how to help get your message out effectively in the kinds of forums you are facing. hope this helps. i love your stuff, thanks for keeping me informed and entertained.

"WalMart has the answer to your late nights, tired eyes and sore back and the only thing it will cost you is your soul"

I LOVE IT! rofl

Wow, you know, I was actually thinking of doing a Wal Mart post. But, it was more along the lines of "Who do they think they're kidding with the new 'we sell hip quality merchandise' advertising campaign?"

Aldahlia: You should definitely do it. Their struggle to upscale exposes their class war-based business model best for me.

Damn! Blog payola. Can I get me some of that fat cash?

They don't pay them - or so I hear - they just feed them stories which the bloggers so far haven't credited. Atrios thinks there's nothing wrong with it but he's in the minority. He is right about one thing though - I have never seen a press release credited in a corporate news story. And I've seen whole sectiongs of press releases lifted nearly word-for-word for a story. I only knew because I happened to get the same press release.

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