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Santorum is offering to debate Featherman?!???!?! You have got to be kidding. Is that correct? or did it mean debating Casey?

Talking of saying something nice about Santorum I got an e-mail from the ONE campaign today saying he was trying to prevent a cut to AIDS relief,

"Right now, two U.S. Senators are reaching across political divides and asking the Senate to add $566 million to fund critical AIDS, TB and malaria programs running around the world. Senators Rick Santorum, a Republican from Pennsylvania, and Dick Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois, have proposed an amendment to ensure America continues funding the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

Oops. I'm sure he was at www.johnfeatherman.com last time he was here. I guess he moved his political stuff to here:

Not everyone hates Santorum. We in the bubble are prone to forget that.

After reading stuff like this I wonder if we wouldn't be better off with Santorum than another Casey. Or to put it another way, whether we wouldn't be better off with our Santorum's clearly working in the Republican party, not hiding in the Democratic party.

Oops. Try here instead (for the permanent link).

Absolutely. I've been saying that all along. Keep the crazies in the GOP where they belong. This race is a big part of the fight for the soul of the Dem party. That's why when the rest of blogtopia ignores it, it makes me crazy.

Well yes and no. (in reference to "I've been saying that all along")

Mostly the criticism of supporting Pennacchio is that he's less likely to beat Santorum. The basis of that comment is the assumption that any Democrat would be better.

Mostly we respond to such a criticism by pointing out that Pennacchio has good numbers vs Casey or that Casey is not going to beat Santorum on his home game.

That is not the same as saying that a victory for Casey would a bad thing in it's own right. but then no doubt you've been pressing the common ground arguments for Pennacchio and this is an argument many would reject. Does more Dems always mean better results? No. sometimes it just means a larger fifth column.

Also I should point out a key assumption that I'm making here; that Casey will be a wishy washy Democrat because he has wishy washy policy positions. I suppose it's possible that B doesn't imply A. I suppose it's possible to be a staunch party line supporter (where appropriate) without being progressive. But I doubt it. I say this because it's unfair to just make these negative conclusions about Casey without at least explaining the thinking. But then I think if you refuse to be clear about where you stand people will always fear the worst.

Maybe you missed it, but we did get a couple of Penanachio endorsements on correntewire this weekend.

I really like him, but my Montana vote doesn't count at all.

OT,I also want to be clear about censure:

The difference between then and now is that none of us was ever going to have President Clinton's penis in our mouths without our knowlege and consent.

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