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Love this headline.

I thought of you last night. My three-year old objected to eating the chicken I cooked on the grounds that it's not nice to kill animals to eat them. "The blood goes everywhere and the chicken dies." Sadly, he chose to eat meatballs instead. I didn't have the heart to tell him what they are made of. Tonight - eggplant parmagiana.

Do wolves go for the throat? I think they'd just try to run away. If cornered or wounded I'd guess an arm or a leg.

Risking Robin's wrath again I just have to link to this dKos open thread for the dumbassed comment by Kos himself,

"Good point. No abortions means more 18 years of child support after a drunken "mistake". Choice isn't a woman-only issue."

No shit sherlock. (up to 23 years actually) The misandronist A-listers do a link jerk. Kos links to Atrios who does nothing but link to FireDogLake who's entire article is a quote of an e-mail from Digby recounting how some CIVILIAN (at his work) told him that guess what? Abortion effects men too!!

General attitude by all these A-assholes to this stunning revelation? "That'll teach those men". Yeah that'll teach men for supporting abortion in higher numbers than women despite all the sexism they face from the ironically labelled "pro-choice" group.

Frankly men ought to back this stupid abortion ban just so middle class white women get to live in the real world for a few years. Maybe then they'd have some sympathy with the majority of the country for whom no-choice is alread a reality whether on the basis of sex, race or class.

And eRobin, if you show him the photos of the lambs I've got he'll never eat lamb either.

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