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They don't have the stomach to jail women. In the legislation pro-life groups have already pushed for it's a positively feminist "blame the nearest man" theory of criminality.

If a woman kills her own unborn child it's no foul. If she gets a male doctor or a male boyfriend to help her THEN it's an offense --- for the man.

The Republicans aren't stupid enough to attack the priviledged sex. They attack the minority group that they know nobody cares about. It's the same with the way poor and/or black women have more difficulty getting an abortion. They know THAT isn't going to cause an outcry.

We must make some people look more closely at their own self-interest in this issue, particularly men.

This from a guy who apparently only realised the other day that men have a stake in pregnancy and reproduction.

They don't have the stomach to jail women.

Maybe not yet, but soon. There'll be a lot of talk about loose lifestyles, and taking responsibility for one's actions and how it'll be for women's own good; no more "self-loathing." The link isn't about some major figure, but a Tennessee blogger I ran across. They're cranking up a kind of passive-aggressive state constitutional amendment ("no right to an abortion") in Nashville to halfway keep up with South Dakota.

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The trackback didn't work. I'm way off the radar without a trackback.

I don't know why people think that women won't be jailed for having illegal abortions. I don't see that being a difficult hurdle to clear.

Not difficult per se but it would require they step out of their comfort zone. It's like anything; like genocide for example; you have to work hard to get up to the big stuff. You don't jump in there on day one killing people by the thousand. You have to work up to it.

So you start by attacking the easiest targets; men and other minority groups (in both cases). The way the US trains death squads for example, you start by killing animals.

Even from a totally sex selfish perspective feminists would have been well advised to protect the rights of men and other minorities simply because... well you know:

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a communist.....

But they never cared about anyone but themselves. And now who shall have sympathy with them?

So what's going wrong with the trackback anyway? Do you have a HaloScan account?

Good idea. I used the Haloscan site and it went through.

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