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How about I set you up with a free photobucket account?

What's the deal with this 8 page advert for Sudan in the NYT?

Yes, please. I didn't see that Sudan ad. I noticed and read the one for Rwanda that was in the Sunday bolor supplement but I missed yesterday's. I'll look for it. But really, aren't you discriminating against genocidal world leaders? Dear Leader wants you to remember: when you point a finger at someone, there are four more pointing back at you. Well, three really unless you count the thumb. And that thumb is freakishly jointed. Dear Leader thinks you get the message. Logs, eyes and all that.

Thank the UN for this one. After all, did not Kofi come out a couple a months ago to say that it was not genocide and therefore was not the province of the UN. (To busy wit his graft and corruption, I suppose.)

No he didn't.

After all, did not Kofi come out a couple a months ago to say that it was not genocide

Ok check your aol email account for a message from me and a message from photobucket.

"Do Something"

Okay, I just did:
Why is Abu Ghraib a cover story again, but not Darfur?

I wrote a diary at Dailykos about it.

I hope that is not too conservative for you. After all I did stress "I am not at all suggesting that Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo should not be criticized any longer. There are just so many other and much worse stories that need to be covered more extensively."

Jorg: I commented at your place. I think we're very nearly on the same page with this.

I agree we can do both. Addressing human rights violations in Abu Ghraib, in US prisions and in Darfur.

Darfur gets the least coverage in the Germany, so therefore I'd like to see more. That does not have to be on the expense of other human rights violations, but it could be on the expense of silly newscoverage of celebrities the like.

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