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I am ebullient despite your news Robin. Why you ask? I'll tell ya why!

Only one in a thousand people can name all five first amendment freedoms.

And since I managed it, statistics dictate none of the rest of you can :)

Ah, statistics take another beating! Find another four people. But you're right. You probably won't be able to find them here. You used up my readership the first time.

Umm... the freedom to be wrong, to be snarky, to squeeze things until they're really flat, to get together for a beer, to beg to have your complaints paid attention to?


Briliant. Especially the first one.

It's a sort of buffet amendment. Many people misidentified the right to have pets as a first amendment right instead of a ninth amendment right.

Talking of which, from a dKos diary:

Amazingly, significant percentages thought the First Amendment - which guarantees freedom of speech, religion, the press, the right to peacefully assemble, and the right to petition the government for redress of grievances - actually guaranteed their right to raise pets and to drive a car! Wow, that's sad.

Is it sad?
Or does it imply people want to get on with their lives and not have to worry about the government? And does listing "pets" and driving a car mean that maybe the people who do think about government should reconsider those two issues?

I've always thought the practise of removing someone's lisence to drive is a terrible punishment, especially here in Alabama where it can happen just because you don't pay for your gas. What other industry has the power to take away your livilihood and freeom for a theft of less than $20?

And as for pets one of the big issues from Katrina was the way a large number of people refused to evacuate unless they could take their pets with them -- or at the very least know they were being taken care of in a different facility -- which was routinely denied. So they stayed in New Orleans. I remember a few diaries on pet rescue a dKos around the time were attacked for trivialising the disaster.

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